How Office Outlook 2010 helps you Clean up Conversations

Last post on Office Outlook 2010, we saw how conversation has now been added to Outlook, making it easy for you to track replies and responses. However there is a problem with conversations i.e. it preservers the mail body which was sent to you.

Well this is no bodys fault but since we all do reply to all when conversing, it automatically adds up previous mail data so that it can refereed easily. But like I said it all piles up .

  • Mail A -> replied by B = Mail of B + Mail of A -> replied by C = Mail of C + B  + A .
  • Now since A has already received reply of B when B did reply, there is no use of getting the same mail added up in the conversation when C also replies both B and A.

Keeping this in mind, Outlook Office 2010 has come up with a feature, Clean Up Conversations which can strip out those extra mails by understanding your conversation tree.

Conversations clean up

Now only this it also allows you to keep a backup of the cleaned up mail, so when you need it you can just use it. You can find this options under Back Stage > Options > Mails or under home tab.

Clean up conversation in outlook

When asked on how this feature worked to some of my friends who downloaded Office 2010 Technical Preview, they said that the mail size box dropped to less than 50%. Awesome!! But remember this drop you can only see if you do have huge amount of conversation for your inbox.


  1. I just tried this on my work computer and its awesome. Almost looks like it compresses threads. It removed about 600 items from my inbox. Very cool.


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