How the Development of Technology Influenced the Development of Literature

Technology has changed the way we read, work, listen, and live. It is so deeply intertwined with our lives that it becomes increasingly challenging to live without it. Imagine going to a foreign country without a smartphone. Life is distinct now compared with decades ago. More and more things will become accessible to anyone. We can now talk with family members and friends that are on the other part of the planet.

We can share our thoughts and ideas online, participate in conferences, start distance education, and expand our knowledge. Many domains are impacted by technology and its development, and literature falls into this category too. How has the development of literature been influenced by technology? Find out below.

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Access to Books

Before the existence of computers and the internet, people went to libraries to borrow books. They talked with their peers, neighbors, and family members to find out more about other book suggestions. However, access to books was pretty scarce compared with today’s times. Nowadays, there are platforms entirely dedicated to keeping track of the books you read. You can find thousands of books and poems online to read. There are so many that they might start piling up on your virtual bookshelf and have you wondering when you will find the time to read them all. To get inspired by some of the must-read books of a lifetime, you should know that posted amazing literature essays examples. Check it out for more reading ideas.

We cannot stop but notice that the development of technology has positively influenced access to books. However, there are negative consequences such as readers feeling pressed by the lack of time and the huge amount of books to read. Even though there are platforms where you can find reviews, choosing what to read remains challenging.

When you have too many options, it becomes increasingly tough to decide what it’s worth reading and not. Focusing on the full side of the glass, technology has made access to books easier and more facile. Which gives you access to new ideas, perspectives, and points of view. It helps you enlarge your view of the world and expand your knowledge and vocabulary.

Discussing Literature

Before the internet, people mostly talked about books within a familial or educational setting. With their parents, other family members or neighbors, or with peers, colleagues, and teachers. Nowadays, you have tons of opportunities to discuss literature. You can now find book clubs dedicated solely to reading your favorite book genre. Something your colleagues might not have heard of can be found in the incredible virtual universe of literature.

It is facile to find a YouTube channel that reviews books. It is easy to find a book blog to inspire your next reads. It’s accessible to find book launch events to attend or book fairs to buy your next read. There are a lot of events taking place in the world of literature, but many opportunities to discuss it too. Platforms such as Goodreads have book clubs where people gather and share their impressions of books.

connecting with writers

Connecting With Writers

The development of technology removed all the boundaries that were once present in literature. Seeing your favorite writer in person was something rare and inaccessible. Nowadays, social media platforms have strengthened the bond between the reader and the writer. Writers have profiles through which they interact with their community. They post updates and facts about their work, work environment, and style.

However, the internet has made this relationship distinct. As the internet has created a place to find information, it is also a place to express your thoughts and ideas. Book criticism has changed over the years, most of it in the online world.

Authors have access to everything people say about them online, so it might make their job more challenging. It depends on how readers perceive the book and information, but the development of technology has changed the nature of the relationships between readers and writers.

Final Words

Technology is deeply intertwined with every domain and area, including literature. Nowadays, you have instant access to books, poems, and essays you can read online. This might make choosing your next read even more challenging. However, you can now get closer to your favorite authors, as you can connect and follow them on social media.

Bio lines: Larry Smith is a content writer and blogger. He is passionate about literature and writes book reviews weekly. Larry’s favorite book genres are historical fiction, contemporary, and dystopian.


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