How to abort system shutdown

Ever got a message on Windows Xp or Vista saying “The system is shutting down. Please save all your work. The system shutdown was initiated by Administrator” ?. I used to get this kind of message when I was in college many a times though nobody initiated it and I was not even in network. You wont be able to terminate the program with task manager either. Initially I didn’t knew how to avoid it but when I typed Shutdown /? I understood what was going on.


Sometimes Windows itself initiate shutdown process of a computer due to some unknown reason. This is very irritation when you are in middle of some very important work such as conference or even writing an article. Now the query is how to avoid it. If you have enough privilege you should be able to terminate it. I tried using in office by simulating same and was able to terminate it.

Type Shutdown /? on command prompt and You will see the following result


Generally you will get a minimum of 60 seconds before system gets down. Quickly type shutdown -a this on run dialog box [ win key + R]. This command is used to abort system auto shutdown. The shutdown process has more advanced feature which I will be talking in the next post. Hope this helps.