How to activate Windows 7 on Phone

Recently I had upgraded from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7  RTM and I had to activate my Windows again else it would have got deactivated. In order to do this you need to move to System properties in my computer.

As I opened it up, it showed me 3 days left and asked me to activate online. Bad luck it did not work and I got an error code 0X80072EFD which means it wasn’t able to connect to server to activate Windows 7. However it asked me if you would like to try other options.

Before I start with the rest of the section, I would like to say that the whole process of activating Windows was very easy. Since you get a toll free number available for every country, all you will need is to select your country properly and you would have to follow few more steps where you need to note down the activation code. This you will need to add to the screen which you would see below and your activation will be complete. So if you are worried about phone activation, don’t be.

Windows activation error

Right here you would get the option to activate windows by phone. Select this and next you should select the country.

Windows 7 phone activation

Windows 7 activation screen

For the above screen, you would get the installation id on phone. I would suggest you to note down the number properly on paper or notepad. Also when the automated system tells you to note down the number you get option to make it repeats and also at the end you would get an option to hear the whole process again. Don’t miss it.

Windows 7 activation successful

Its easy and dont worry about it. Happy Activating your windows.!!


  1. As an I/T professional with 15yrs experience in the industry, I’ll say that I was quite disappointed with reaching the telephone activation process. Allow me to explain..

    I decided to nail down the W7 cert with a few friends. Instead of using a W7 license from technet, I opted to D/L an eval copy from Microsoft. On top of that, I installed the eval version on a Non-Internet connected PC. BIG MISTAKE!!!!

    With the Eval copy you only have 10 days to activate, not 30 days. On top of that, the option to select “Use the automated phone system” is greyed out. It would appear that one can only use either a dial up modem, or Broadband connection to activate this evaluation copy of W7 Ultimate.

    That said, WTF was microsoft thinking? Surely they should have known people would be using these versions in a Lab environment, or in VM’s w/o I-Net connectivity. On top of that, the first release of their MS-Press 70-680 txt book is loaded full of errors.

    Absolutely disgusted! Thinking I should have focused on moving beyond the Microsoft certifications and opted to build on my CCNA instead.

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