How to add a folder or path to SendTo option

Kristine asks :

Sometime I need to transfer lot of files to the same folder again and again. Like in case of sorting images, I want to send some of them to a folder named as Personal and Other in Family. I do it usually by copy and paste into them. But it is really tedious. Is there anyway I can just select and copy them to any folder I like in one click.?

Hi Kristine,

Thanks for asking and yes there is a way to do it. Many a time you might have seen when you do a right click on any item and go to SendTo option . There are couple of options there like creating shortcut on desktop and others. This comes very handy when you insert a flash drive and you get a direct option to send files to it.

You can make a permanent add on to this send to and add any number of folders you want. Here are the steps ( Assuming Windows XP, However the setting should be same in Vista too)

  • Create shortcuts of the folder on desktop you want to use.
  • Go to Folder options and un hide system folders. This way you would be able to see hidden folders.
  • Actually SendTo is a folder which contains path to any other item.
  • Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Ashish where Ashish is my username on computer. You will see the username you are using on your computer. say C:\Documents and Settings\Kristine if username is Kristine
  • Look for a folder named as SendTo.
  • Now drop the shortcuts you created into the SendTo folder and close.
  • Right click on any item and go to SendTo options. You will see the folders available there.

That should work and your work is easy. You can add anything in the SendTo folder. Hope that solves your problem :smile:


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