How to add Bing to Windows 7 Search

If you are lazy enough to use any of the browser to use a search engine, You can start by adding Bing Search engine to Windows explorer.  This is possible because of the Federated search capability of Windows 7.

You can add Bing to Windows 7 by installing this OSDX file .( Thanks Chakks ) And now just open Windows explorer  ( WIN + E) and type in by selecting Bing as search engine. Bing!! Now you can see the search result right in Windows explorer.

Bing search in Explorer

One of the advantage using this is you can directly print the page by just right clicking it. No need to open it if you are pretty sure. And you can also save the search result just in case you would like to make the search again.  Both the options are available in right click

Save bing search in Windows explorer


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