How to add comments, links and objects to PDF files

We have talked about 5 free PDF readers, and other free PDF tools including some very light weight PDF reader as well, here we are talking about another free PDF tool, which allows you to edit the PDF documents by adding comments, annotations etc.

PDF-XChange Viewer, is a free tool, which allows you to –

  • Add Comments and Annotations
  • Add objects, arrow, line, oval, polygon etc.
  • Add callouts.
  • Highlighting, cross out, and underline text.
  • Stamp the Document.

Using these tools is simple and damn easy; the link tool is awesome, so let us go in depth about it.

Choose the link tool, and later select the text to be linked, which opens a window as shown below, clicking on the add button you can add the kind of link you want to add to your PDF file.

Clicking on the appearance you can customize the appearance of this link on your PDF. Other general tools, which are found in almost every PDF reader, can be accessed from the toolbar, one above the edit toolbar, as shown below.

This toolbar allows you to find within the document, search the web, take snapshots etc.

PDF-Xchage Viewer has all the abilities to replace your existing PDF Reader, lots of features, ability to edit PDF files is an added advantage, its light weight and can be downloaded as a installer or a standalone application. Go ahead and give it a try, download PDF-Xchange Viewer.


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