How to add Flickr to Nokia Symbian Phones with no Flick Apps

The N Series Nokia Phones which are Symbian OS based is capable of installing a software which allows you to post photographs to your Flickr Account. You just need to install a software or specifically a configuration file.

  • Download the software from this link
  • Upload it to your phone through Bluetooth . The file will turn up in your messaging inbox. Click the file to install it.
  • Upload via Data Cable : Drag and drop the config file onto your device, and then go to the File Manager and install it by opening the config file.
  • Now go to Gallery then Images and Videos
  • Choose options and then Open Online Services
  • You will see The Flickr Option created there.

However this Online Services feature is not available in N72 phone. For adding the Online Services option , you will need to download install the online sharing software from the N72 support site.


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