How to add HP ePrinter to Google Cloud Print

HP just announced that all their ePrinters are now  Google Cloud Print ready, which means you can print from Google Cloud Print ready apps like Gmail to your ePrinter with one click. You don’t need a desktop nor you need to be at home. Do it from mobile or iPad and get the print ready even before you hit the door bell. Just make sure your printer is online!!

To add a HP ePinter to Google Cloud Print follow the steps :

  • Go to, you will need to signin with your Google Account.
  • Select  Add a cloud ready printer and it will take you to
  • Here you need to add the email id of your HP ePrinters.

Google Cloud Print Add HP EPrinter

The process is same for even non HP ePrinter except that you do not add any email id but gets detected via the OS interface.

Now if you are wondering why you need to add the HP ePrinter to Google Cloud Print when it has it’s own email id and can be used directly to print anything then the answer is that when using Google Cloud Print you can make your HP eprinters available to you from any Google Cloud Print enabled web, desktop or mobile app is when you click on the Print Button.

To test this I logged into my Gmail Account on iPad and hit the print button. It did not work on desktop as it was either converting it into a PDF or launching the desktop printer console. In Gmail, just select any email and click on button which has double arrows downwards. You will get an option to Print.

Google Cloud Print Enabled Apps

When you click on Print, it will take you to and here you should see your printer listed. Now click on it, set your options on number of copies, landscape or portrait mode and print it. It should work if your printer is turned on else it will be in queue and will print once your printer gets online.

Google Cloud Printer List


Google Cloud Print Jobs


How to add non HP ePrinter

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Go to Options > Under the Hood > Scroll to End > Google Cloud Print.
  • Sign in with your Google Account.
  • Next click on Manage Print Settings and it will take you to
  • Here you can see if there are some print job left. Click on the second tab which says Printers.

Chances are you will be able to see see your printer here but in case you dont ( for me it did not show for the first time ), follow the steps below :

  • On Bottom left of the tab click on Add a Printer
  • This takes you to
  • Select Classic Printer
  • This will then take you to test page
  • Click on Print Test
  • And this will detect all your printers.
  • Now get back to and you should be able to see all your printers.


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