How to add more programs to Startup Programs in Windows 7

When a program gets installed in Windows 7, majority of them ask the user if that should get added as a Startup program. This is required depending on users need so the program is ready when Windows 7 boots. However if you have chosen not to add to startup program, How do you add them into the list again.

Windows 7 stores all the startup programs in a special folder, Startup. This folder is available in two forms, one that is for all the users and one that is only specific to one user.  If you add a program link into the folder which is common to all users, the program will get started and will affect the boot time for all the users but if you add this for a specific users it will only affect boot time for that particular user.

Location of  the Startup Folder in Windows 7

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Right click on All Programs and select Open for logged in user and Open All Users for all the users in the computer. ( Details Below)
  • This will open a folder named as Start Menu which has a Programs Folder.
  • Click the Programs Folder and find another folder which says Startup

Startup Folder for all users

For All users :

  • and Select Open All Users.

For Specific Users :

  • and Select Open

By default it will open for logged in user. The difference here will be in path. For all users the path will be like “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu” and for particular user it will be similar to “C:\Users\AshishM\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” where AshishM is the user name.

If you are an admin you can find out the username for other user profile and replace it with their name to reach the startup folder of other users.

Adding Programs to Startup Folder :

  • Now select the program which you wish to add in the startup list.
  • Right click and create a shortcut in the desktop.
  • Select and Copy the shortcut
  • Go back to the Startup folder and paste it there.

Add Programs to Windows Startup

Once done that, restart windows and you will the program running as soon as you login to Windows 7 machine. In case you want to remove it, delete shortcut from there.

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