How to add background music to Photo Albums in iPad ( Slideshow )

Ever thought why watching a romantic scene in a movie is so awesome ? No it’s not the beautiful dress they wear and nor it sounds so cool just because you imagine yourself but because of the music that runs in the background, that’s the key. Pick up any game and play it with mute speakers, do you get the feel ? No right ?

So how about getting the same experience when watching a photo album in iPad of your honeymoon or your college days ? How about playing rock songs while watching the photos of your college party ? Yes iPad lets you do it and here is how.

  • First make sure you have songs in your iPad.
  • Now launch the Photos section and open the album you want to add music too. You might have to switch to Album Mode for that .
  • Click on Slide show button on top right
  • This will pop-up another window which will have options like Play Music, Music and Transition options. Select Music
  • Once you select Music it will give you access to your iTunes Music on your iPad.  You can filter according to artists, songs, genre etc.
  • Select a song and iPad Album will remember this. So next time you see the album again the music automatically starts playing.

The only drawback ( if only you feel )  is you can use only one song for one album. You cannot apply a complete music album.

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