How to add Real Time Twitter stream to your Website and Blog

Twitter is the current buzz, let it be a common man, a movie star, political party, etc. everybody is there on Twitter, everybody has their own ways to use it.

If somehow, you are interested to show the visitors of your website/blog that what all is being talked about a particular brand, event, service etc., here is the solution, Real-Time Chatterbox.

Real-Time Chatterbox is a service, which tracks the Twitter for the Tweets about any particular topic.

Simply go to the homepage of Real-Time Chatterbox, sign-up and login; now you are ready to create a Twitter Stream for your website.

This is what the page looks like, enter the required data in every field, an arrangement to guide you is also there, which can help you to get only the kind of Tweets you are interested in.

Once done with the entries ‘Save’ and ‘Get the Widget Code’.

Place the Widget code on your website/blog, and let the world know, what others are talking about you.

Try Real-Time Chatterbox Via Go2WEB20 Blog


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