How to Add Handwritten Signature in Office Word Documents

MS Word has been around since 1983 and, since then, has been everyone’s go-to when it comes to creating documents. Over time, the software has evolved with numerous features. However, adding a handwritten signature in an Office Word document still has a caveat. This article will teach us how to add handwritten signature in Word Document.

Add Handwritten Signature in Office Word Document

How To Create a Handwritten Signature Image?

A handwritten signature can be created in two ways. These are:

    1. Using MS Paint
    2. Using Scanned Signature and

Using these two methods, let’s learn how to create a handwritten signature image, and then how to add signature in Word.

1] Using MS Paint

Microsoft Paint is the go-to solution for drawing and creating drawings, illustrations, and artworks in Windows. You can also create a handwritten signature image using MS Paint as it allows you to remove background from an image.

  • Open MS Paint. If you have a touch input on your screen, you can use that or a pen input.
  • If you don’t have either of these, you must make do with your mouse or trackpad.
  • Click on the remove background button to make the background transparent.
  • Now, draw your signature in MS paint using the pen tool with black color. Creating a hadwritten signature in ms paint
  • Go to the file menu, then Save As, and select PNG picture from the menu. Saving handwrittten signature as png in ms paint

2]  Using Scanned Signature and

This method of creating a handwritten signature image requires you to do a physical signature on a plain piece of paper, then scan it, and use the website to remove the background, making the handwritten signature perfect for any colored background.

  • Start by taking a plain sheet of paper (white) and a black pen, and do your signature on the piece of paper.
  • Now, using a scanner application like Adobe Scan or the native scanner application on your smartphone, create a scanned version of the signature. You can alternatively use a digital scanner if you have one.
  • Export the scanned version as an image. Export a scan as image in adobe scan
  • Once the scanned version is exported as an image, go to bg upload signature image to remove bakcground
  • Now, upload the scanned copy of your signature, and let it remove the background. Review the image, make any changes if required, and download it. Download png image of signature from remove bg

Now that you’ve created a handwritten signature image, let’s learn how to add a handwritten signature in a Word Document.

How to Add Handwritten Signature in Office Word Document

Microsoft Word allows you to add signatures to Word documents. You can also add the title and a verification key linked to your PC to make the signatures verifiable. These signatures are automatically removed if there are any changes in the document, adding a layer of security and trust:

  • Open the desired Word document
  • Go to the Insert tab from the top bar.
  • Place the blinking cursor in the text where you want the signature line to be placed.
  • Click on the Signature Line option available under the Text group.
  • This will open the Signature Setup window.
  • Fill in the required details, such as Name, Suggested signer, etc, in the window.
  • The signature line will be added at the designated place when you press the OK button.
  • Adding a signature line in MS word document
  • Double-click the signature line to sign it, and this will open a new window.
  • In the Window, click the Select image option.
  • Click the Browse link next to the From a file label.
  • Select the signature file you created, which will be added to the Sign window.
  • You can also include more information about the signer and change the Sign certificate in this window.
    Signer Details Word
  • Click Sign, and it will insert signature in Word document. Select signature image for ms word document

Please note that when any edits to this document are done, the signature will be removed, and you must get it signed again.

Authenticate Your Word Document

Adding a signature adds a layer of authenticity to the documents. Since Microsoft Word document signatures are verifiable, it is one of the best solutions for signing documents digitally. We hope you found the article insightful.


  1. You may want to think about not using your real signature for public documents. Reason? If someone is trying to fake your identity, it’s pretty useful to have a digital copy of your signature to hand.

    I have my real signature for credit cards and cheques, and a much more readable one for electronic documents!


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