How to automatically restart a crashed application

If you had used IE 8 or any Office Product, there is a crash recovery system built inside it. This recovery system helps you restart the application and take you back to place where the application crashed. Very handy specially with the browsers where I can get the tabs back.

Same functionary can be attained for every application running in windows by using an application called a, Restart on Crash. This application can be asked to watch the applications continuously and if it crashes it can bring it back with the options you configure.

Restart on Crash Application

Just attach the app by selecting from the current running processes or browse to the exe which will come under radar as soon as it starts. You can also configure to double check by waiting for sometime if the application hangs. I have seen many times that applications become non responsive for few seconds and then come back to normal state so its good option you should use. Download


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