How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

Suppose you are working on something which requires lot of thinking or Auto Jiggle your Mouse to avoid ScreenSaver launchmay be lo of some kind of offline reference, your system might irritate you by launching the screensaver, you keep hitting some key or you make a mouse movement. In such case, one option is to either set a very long delay for your screensaver or just completely disable it.

Here is another way to do this, a small utility named as Mouse Jiggle, it automatically jiggles (a to and fro motion) your mouse pointer, and hence won’t allow the screensaver to launch.

All you have to do is download the Mouse Jiggle, and run the ‘MouseJiggle.exe’ and check the check-box to avoid screensaver launch, and uncheck it to allow the screensaver launch.

Such utilities can really be useful for people like writers. Download Mouse Jiggle