How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

Suppose you are working on something that requires a lot of thinking or maybe many offline references; your system might irritate you by launching the screensaver. The result is you either keep hitting some key, or you make a mouse movement. In such a case, one option is to either set a very long delay for your screensaver or just completely disable it. But then you need to change it every time, which is not practical. This post will show you can avoid screensaver launch without changing the setting when the system is idle.

How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

How to avoid the screensaver launch, even if the system is idle

A small utility named Mouse Jiggle makes this possible as it automatically jiggles (a to and fro motion) your mouse pointer and hence won’t allow the screensaver to launch.

Auto Jiggle your Mouse to avoid ScreenSaver launch

All you have to do is download the Mouse Jiggle, run the ‘MouseJiggle.exe,’ check the check-box to avoid screensaver launch, and uncheck it to allow the screensaver launch. The sole function is to “fake” mouse input to Windows and jiggles the mouse pointer back and forth.

The software also offers a Zen Jiggle mode. Once you check the option, the pointer is jiggled ‘virtually’ – the system believes it to be moving. Thus, screen saver activation, etc., is prevented, but the pointer does not actually move. It is useful if your mouse jiggle is distracting.

If you have not enabled the screensaver, it will also ensure the system does not go to sleep when not used for a long time.

Lastly, there is a minimize to tray option, which will push it to the system tray and keep it running in the background.

Since the software does not install anything, i.e., standalone, keep it in a place where it doesn’t get deleted. You may also want to add it to the startup folder, so it launches with Windows, but make sure to keep it in control to enable or disable the mode manually.

Such utilities can really be useful for people like writers.

Download Mouse Jiggle


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