How to Block Spam and Phishing Emails in Windows Live Mail

If you are using Windows Mail which comes bundled with Windows Vista and Windows 7 you would be surely interested to block spam emails which will surely land up in your Inbox. In this article we will learn to configure and protect Windows Mail in to block spam emails. Windows mail also comes with an option to detect against phishing emails open the Safety Option as show below:

Safety Options in Windows Live Mail

Configuring you level of protection

In the first tab, Options, you can configure to move emails automatically to Junk Folder which appears to be Junk.  Windows Mail using spam detection technology and experience will decide which emails can be spam.  You will need to choose levels of strictness which I will suggest to keep it as high or low.

In case any email account of yours is used such that it will receive emails only from some set of people which you have configured in the Safety List, use the third option

Safety Options Junk Email

At any moment you can check the emails and if it’s not spam, you can make it learn by marking them as not junk. I will also suggest you to select the last option which says Report Junk Email to Microsoft and its partners as this will help them to learn and get even smarter and in turn safeguard you.

I will not suggest you to opt for option which will delete any email detected as Junk as you may lose an important email because of false positive.

Configure to Block Phishing

In the same screen, Select Tab which says “PHISHING”, tick “Protect my inbox from messages with potential phishing links”. You can also optionally select them to move them immediately to Junk Folder.

Phising Protection in Windows Mail


How to remove emails if they get caught in spam?

Sometimes, good or legitimate mails get caught as spam. They will be present in your Junk Folder. Just right click on it and you will get an option for Junk Email. Click it and select “Add sender to safe sender’s list”

Optionally you can configure the list beforehand under safety options > Safe Sender and Block Sender. You can configure emails which you reply get automatically added to Safe Sender List.

For Blocked Sender List you can make the email send a Bounced Email Reply so the sender thinks it’s an invalid email address and unsubscribe for newsletter automatically for Group Invite Scams

Safe and Blocked Sender Options for Windows Mail

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