How to block specific program for any Windows user

Sometimes when you install applications on your computer, you dont want others to use it. This can be achived partially by choosing to install for all or yourself only when initiating the installation but if existing windows user is smart enough he can still use the program by directly launching it from the program folders.  Though he will never see it in the Start Menu of his session.

Another way to achieve this is using the Parental Control Method. Its bit tedious but if you are very specific who uses which program, its an effetive way to do it.  You can learn about setting up parental control from our exhaustive guide here and I will jump to the step which says : Allow and Block specific Programs.

Once you laumch this, Parental Control will find the list of programs installed with details on program name, description and product name. Use the Description and Product name to figure out the program which you want to block.

Block Programs for Windows Users

Since you are here to block only selected program, first use the Check all button to select all the program and then scroll down the list and uncheck programs for which you do not want to give access. Now if your program is not in the list which happens for portable applications for example, you can use the browse button to add them.

Done this click on OK and you are all set. Though I wish the way of doing this was much more easier for example a User Profile Creation is on my list to see if it will come in Next version of Windows.


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