How to Burn ISO files in Windows 7 [ Native support ]

ISO is the most commonly used format around the world and it had always required support of third part tools when you go to burn it. Previous versions of Windows never understood WHAT ISO was or you can say the format was not supported.

But with Windows 7 , It has native support for burning an ISO file to your CD or DVD. In case you are wondering how you can burn it to yoru DVD its simple. Just double click it , Choose your Writer or burner and Make final selection if you want to verify or not.  This is like Just Do it approach. Give it a try.


  1. This is what I call a state-of-the-art column. Explaining how to do things on an OS that’s not even been released yet. CUTTING EDGE.

    Good job.

  2. Roy,

    I agree. I can see how this is a low priority for most people (other then MSDN subscribers) but is seems like such an easy thing to do and would save us so much time.

    MS used to link to a Virtual CD app but that app does not work on 64-bit systems. I have found another called Virtual Clone drive that does work but the software seems a bit suspect.

  3. So once I download the three files that make up Windows 7 (I think one was called “box”)

    None of them has an *.iso extension — what am I missing?


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