How to buy Mobile, Tablets, Gadgets from US, UK and Ship to India

Most of the Gadgets are introduced & Sold in US & UK Market first and then added later in the rest of the world. Now when scorching devices like Pixel, Samsung, and  Surface Laptops roll in, users outside the US and UK cannot resist it. In this guide, I will share how you can buy Mobile, Tablets, Gadgets from US, UK, and Ship them to India.

Buy from US and ship to India Easily with this service

  • Shop and Ship Service
  • How does it work? (Fast Track)
  • How to use Shop and Ship
  • Shop and Ship Tips


  • Many times, the products are limited to be sold in the US only even though they are available online. So, in short, you need to have a US or UK address.
  • Getting the product to India is another issue. You are not only worried about its safety but also getting it quickly.
  • You also are worried about custom clearance.

1] Shop and Ship Service

As per my personal experience, I would like to recommend Shop and Ship service, which does what it says. You shop and get it shipped.  Aramex runs this service.

Shop and Ship Logo

You can signup with this service for a one-time signup fee of around 2.5K Indian Rupees(45$ USD). Once you are verified, you get three different addresses, i.e. One Each for the US, UK, and China.

Keeping the profile high, the service verifies you and your address over a valid photo id. It makes sure the person who signs up is legit.

Once approved, you will get a ShopandShip ID, which will be localized according to your city.

2] How does it work? (Fast Track)

  • You order your product online or ask somebody to buy it for you.
  • Ask them to ship to one of the addresses.
  • Once ShopandShip receives it, you get a notification.
  • Send your Product Invoice to them over email.
  • ShopandShip sends your product to the address you registered with them.
  • They take care of Custom Clearance.

3] How to use ShopandShip (Long Run)

A) Get the address right

Once you have the address, The critical part is filling in the address you get from them. It’s important because you need to fill in your SNS ID correctly. So where is your SnS Id?

After you log in to your account, look under and you will all three address available. The format should be

Your Name
SNS Account # (remains the same)
182 21 150th Avenue
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
Telephone: 718-553-8740

The second line has your SnS id. It should be the same in all the three address.

The good thing about the addresses is that they are available in the format you will need to fill in. Even if not, there is a help link available which tells you exactly how to fill in.  You will have to use the SNS Id most of the time in the second address line or the first.

For each of these addresses, there is a dedicated example page available right under each address. UK and US are almost the same though China differs a bit.

B) Share your Invoice with ShopandShip

This step is crucial because ShopandShip needs an invoice to get your gadget cleared at customs and for shipping from the US to India. So once you have ordered your product, send the bill or the invoice to ShopandShip and the tracking number of the product.

Once the product reaches ShopandShip Address, you will be notified. It’s right time you ping them once again and get the status.  Once ShopandShip routes your package to your address, you will get another tracking number which you can track using Aramex.

Shop and Ships TipsShopAndShip Tracking

The support for this service is excellent. You can get your answers over twitter or email. So here are a few tips you can follow to buy from US and ship to India Easily with this service

  • If your product is online, send them the link of the product along with your PIN code. This way, they can tell the approximate cost of Custom and Courier charges for your location.
  • Make sure to fill in your address correctly when placing the order. SnS account number is significant.
  • Make sure to use your actual address as the Billing Address. Do not use the SNS Shipping address for this purpose.
  • Make sure to send them the invoice ASAP so your shipment can get through quickly.
  • Protection Service is another feature of SnS which can take extra care of your product for a fair price. For products costing less 100 USD, it’s free. Anything above 100 USD will be charged 1 USD per 100 USD.

There are a lot many questions already answered at their FAQ Page. Make sure to read it entirely for any doubt.

Tracking your Package:

SnS has apps for almost all phones.

Windows users, I will suggest you pick up Parcel Tracking App where you can use Aramex and other 60+ popular shipping services on your phone. It can sync with your Windows 8 device also.


Overall it’s an excellent service as per my experience. Not only my package came in time, but also the response on Twitter and email was excellent.  I will highly recommend this service if you are planning to get Gadgets from the US, UK & China to India.

Image Credit, Ntr23


  1. really really wonderful information..but one question i want to ask,is there any limitation on the no. of products we can get shipped?

  2. Hi, thanks good post there. I’ve used forwardvia before to ship from UK to India and they are reliable and cheap.

    Their parcel forwarding service is great if you are buying multiple items from a shop or even buying from multiple ebay sellers. They charge one fee and combine packages for free. So £5 for ordering 3 items and they combine all in one box. Bought a mobile and cases aan they ship to me in one box !

    Web is I had a pleasant experience with them I thought I should share. Hope it helps!


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