How to Change Date, Time, and Region Format in Windows 11/10

Having an accurate time on a computer is critical to avoid problems when using internet services and apps because your PC relies on this information for security and proper operation. If you need to adjust the time, Windows gives several options for correcting the date and time and changing the display formats. When you apply formatting options, your regional format settings will determine how your date or time, numeric, and currency data types appear. Windows supports a wide range of languages and currency and date or time formats for the countries or regions that use them.

You can also customize the short and long-date formats used and displayed in Windows. The date displayed in the taskbar is in the short date format.

How to Change Date, Time, and Region Format in Windows 11/10

You can change the date, time, and region format in Windows 11/ 10 by following the methods given below:

  1. Change the Date & Time
  2. Change Region Format

Anyone on Windows PC can execute this as it is account specific.

1] Change the Date & Time

You can change the date and time via Windows Settings manually or automatically.

Windows Settings (Manually)

  • Open Settings and click the Time & language option on the left pane. Next, choose the Date & time option from the following window.

Choose Date and Time From Windows Settings

  • In the next window, toggle off Set time automatically, if applicable. This will enable the Change button next to Set the date and time manually option.

Turn Off Set Time Automatically

  • Click on the Change button. This will open a blue pop-up window where you can manually change the date and time. Click the Change button in the pop-up window to save the changes.

Change Date and Time Manually

  • Make sure to toggle off the Set time zone automatically option. Otherwise, the Time zone option will remain grayed out, and you cannot change it.

Turn Off Set Time Zone Automatically

When you finish the procedures, the System Tray will show the new date and time for Windows 11/ 10 PC.

Windows Settings (Automatically)

This is how you automatically set the date and time via Windows Settings:

  • Open Settings and click on the Time & language option on the left pane. Next, choose the Date & time option from the following window.
  • Toggle on the Set time automatically and the Set time zone automatically options. Next, click on the Sync now button under the Additional settings section to fix the clock when the set time automatically is not working or if the time is incorrect.

Set Time and Date Automatically on Windows or

When you finish the steps, the system will update the clock to reflect the right time and date.

Change Date and Time from Windows Terminal

  • Open Command prompt or Windows Terminal with admin permission
  • Type date and press Enter to enter a new date.
  • Type time and press Enter to enter a new time

Change Date Time Terminal

2] Change Region Format

Now that you have learned how to change the date and time let us move on to how to change the country or region and the regional format.

Change Country or Region

Choose Language and Region From Windows Settings

  • Select your new region under Country or region.

Change Country or Region From Windows Settings

Change Regional Format

  • To change the Regional format, open Settings and navigate to Time & language > Language & region.
  • Expand the Regional format option and click the Change formats button.

Change Regional Format

  • On the Regional format page, you can customize the Calendar formats, First day of weekShort date, Long date, Short time, and Long time.

Choose Which Regional Format to Change


For those who use a computer regularly, changing the date, time, or region format is critical, as some may have trouble distinguishing between the day and month. You can add any custom format you want using the instructions given in this article.


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