How to change Hard Disk Serial number for broken programs

When Internet was not common it was hard for software programmers to validate to find if  the software he built was not used without a payment. In order to do this many a times the software was bounded to the  Hard Drive Volume Serial Number. But there was on glitch in this.

As a fact every time you format hard drive, it generates a new volume serial number and after that if you try to restore the backed up partition, the soft wares which had used the old drive serial number break. Moreover if the software has used your volume number to validate the key it becomes a problem too.

Hard Disk Serial number changes is one software that can upate the serial number of your formatted hard drive to old one  if you have it noted down before. It Works with Windows server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 File system.

Hard disk serial number changer


So you can have this handy and if you are planning to format and still keep your software working as it is. No format required and all you need is to reboot. Download Hard Disk Serial number changer


  1. This is not hard drive serial number changer, but a volume serial number. This is not the same.

  2. please help
    how I can change the HDD HARD DISK physical serial number I don’t want the VOL ID I want change the manufactory serial number
    anyone know how please help me


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