How to Change Video Format or Convert Video to Audio for Windows

Need the help to convert video formats or convert videos to audios for Windows? For example, your downloaded Titanic cannot be played on your smartphone since your device doesn’t support the video format of this film, so you have to convert it to the format compatible with your mobile phone. Or, a newly released song is available on condition that you pay for it. Otherwise, there are only live videos with regard to your favorite music streaming on YouTube. How do you make preferred videos or music accessible? Let a video converter help you.

DVDFab Video Converter can not just convert one video format to other formats, but also convert videos to audios with numerous audio formats provided, such as AAC, AC3, MP3, and others. Also, this powerful video converter offers device support, so you can tell this free software where you decide to play your videos. Now, let’s prepare to download and install this video converter and see how it works.

Convert Video to Audio

1] Download and Install DVDFab Video Converter

Be ready to start the trip of downloading and installing DVDFab Video Converter. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and as famous as its brother – best YouTube to MP3 converter. Only three clicks are needed, and no extra applications will be followed.

2] How DVDFab Video Converter Works

Follow me to learn how to use this free versatile video converter. Through this process, you will think highly of its greatness and practicability.

Step 1: Choose “Convert” Mode to Load A Video

After starting the DVDFab Video Converter by clicking the “Converter” mode, load your video to this free software by clicking the “+” icon. Then on the new interface, all the basic information about your videos, such as its name, runtime, audio, and subtitle, will be displayed. At this moment, click your video format. Here, we take “AAC” as an example. Then you will see the “Video” and “Audio” options on the left.

Convert Video to Audio Output Format

Step 2Decide on Targeted Output Video/Audio Format

Based on your need, if you want to convert one video format to another video format, click “AAC” > “Video” and choose a preferred one from AVI, FLV, M3TS, MKV, MP4, TS, WMV, and other popular video formats. If you want to convert a video to audio, click “AAC” > “Audio,” and choose your preferred audio format ranging from AAC to AC3, AIFF, APE, AU, DTS, EAC3, FLAC, M4A, MKA, MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA.

Step 3: Where to Store Your Converted File

After converting the video to your preferred video format, or to the format of audio, where do you decide to play it? Your smartphone, PC, or popular video-sharing websites? No matter where it is, DVDFab Video Converter can meet your demand.

There are three output directories provided at the bottom of this free video converter. Click the “Little Triangle,” and you will get the opportunity to store your converted file to your mobile device. Click the “Folder” icon, and the converted video or audio will be saved in the format of a folder in your PC. Click the “Global” icon to attract the attention of YouTube, Facebook as well as Vimeo.

After deciding on where to store your converted file, click the “Start” button and witness the fastest conversion speed and the best video or audio quality only DVDFab Video Converter can provide.

Convert Video to Audio


Without any money charged, any preferred video and audio format will be easily in hand. Why not choose DVDFab Video Converter is your best assistant? Besides serving as a good video converter, it is also equipped with fantastic video customization tools. Three clicks help you get endless pleasant video conversion experiences.


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