How to check if Picture taken from camera was edited or tampered ?

Many a time if you find an image which is claimed to be taken from a camera and being displayed without any editing or tricks ( which can be done by using photoshop like software ), JPEGSnoop can find if it is original or not.

The trick is every time an image is saved using a software a signature is also saved along with the image. This way a lot of factors can be determined including the camera from which it was taken ( using EXIF data ). JEPGSnoop is a free software which has a huge  internal database that compares an image against a large number of compression signatures.

Thus if the compression signature doesn’t match against Camera signature but photoshop compression signature you know that it might have been tampered. This is one of the result sample when I tried it on original image.

*** Searching Compression Signatures ***

Signature:           01A84EC0DDFAE937A0336DB825C85028
Signature (Rotated): 01A9B171AA8560DD8EA55A93D29361E4
File Offset:         0 bytes
Chroma subsampling:  2×1
EXIF Make/Model:     OK   [Canon] [Canon PowerShot A580]
EXIF Makernotes:     OK
EXIF Software:       NONE

Searching Compression Signatures: (3327 built-in, 1 user(*) )

EXIF.Make / Software        EXIF.Model                            Quality           Subsamp Match?

JepgSnoop Indicates if Original image was edited
JepgSnoop Indicates if Original image was edited
Original Image taken from canon 850
Original Image taken from canon 850

In case the image compression is not determined because the camera is pretty new, you can always update the data from the tool. In case the image is edit you can add that too.

File Types Supported

  • JPG – JPEG Still Photo
  • THM – Thumbnail for RAW Photo / Movie Files
  • AVI – AVI Movies
  • DNG – Digital Negative RAW Photo
  • CRW, .CR2, .NEF, .ORF, .PEF – RAW Photo
  • MOV – QuickTime Movies, QTVR (Virtual Reality / 360 Panoramic)
  • PDF – Adobe PDF Documents

Overall an excellent software which you can download from here and check anytime if claimed original images are actually original. There are many more advantage of using JPEGSnoop which I will come out explaining in a post soon. Till then keep verifying your images.


  1. i mean when a photo is edited how we can edit them so the JPEGSnoop detect it like it was taken by a cam and not edited

  2. how we can edit the signature so an edited photo from photoshop for example could not be tetected by JPEGSnoop

  3. i think we could find a way to modify the compression signature after editing to match a compression signature of a known camera ( especially if we know the type of the camera that the original photo came from )

    and even a smarter way , we can save the compression signature of the original file , edit the file ,replace the new compression signature with the original one


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