How to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10

Most of the time, we install the  Anti Virus or the antimalware programs and relax that they are working fine. One beautiful morning you see things not working, and finally, you realize that it’s your antivirus program that was not working at all. Here is a small test which you can do in case you are not sure if your antivirus program is working fine on Windows 10.

How to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10

There are two ways to test if your antivirus or antimalware or Security Software is working. First is the EICAR test file, which acts as fake, but registered virus, and the second is AMTSO Security Features Check Tools.

1] EICAR Test File

Antivirus test String

Antivirus test String

  • Open Notepad and paste this string into it ( without double quotes )
  • Save it, and as soon as you do, your antivirus real-time protection should be able to detect it.

In case you have disabled the real-time protection, run a scan for this file.

This file is a dummy virus that simulates like a virus that is provided by EICAR. It is for distribution as the “EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File.” The file is a legitimate DOS program and produces sensible results when running (it prints the message “EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!”). You can read more on this at EICAR Antivirus Test File

For those of you who say your auto scan doesn’t detect it, I have tried on a few antiviruses. If your antivirus doesn’t scan text files under real-time, then it will not recognize it until you do a system scan. To make it detect it real-time, you need to configure a real-time scan to scan all files, not just a “smart” file scan. You can test it by saving as an exe or other formats that are on the auto-detect file list.

2] AMTSO Security Features Check Tools

The tool is in association with EICAR and is connected to a cloud-based lookup system. It will help you verify if your Windows PC security software detects manually downloaded malware, drive-by downloads, compressed malware, PUAs, phishing pages, etc.

The page hosts a set of links where each link simulates something which should activate the antivirus to catch it. It includes

  • Detects manually downloaded malware
  • Detects drive-by downloads of malware
  • Detects compressed malware
  • Detects Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs)
  • Detects phishing pages
  • Check if your security software is connected to the cloud

The last point is an interesting test for those Cloud-based solutions. When clicked, it will download the CloudCar test file. It is a harmless file that should be detected and alerted on by most antimalware products. Detection of the CloudCar test file should only occur when the file is queried in a cloud-based reputation system, and it should not be flagged by local detection databases or other non-cloud-based methods of detection. Perform the test yourself on the official page.

We hope using these tools you were able to check if your AntiVirus is working on Windows 10. It applies to any security software, including Windows Security.

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  1. Wow… neat trick! My antivirus software (NOD32 v.3.0.669.0 with virus database up-to-date) has indeed detected it and quarantined it! Cool! Thanks for the tip, Ashish. \m/

  2. As soon as I saved it, my Avast detected it. It’s so cool, man . . .

  3. yeah
    norton internet security 2009 blocked it
    neat trick:D

  4. It is just a small trick to test but it’s essential 😀
    How about firewall and spyware?

  5. excellent dude

  6. Panda 2009 for Windows 7 caught it!

  7. Its awesome man its working i appreciate ur work

  8. Windows Live One Care caught it. awesome!!

  9. McAfee Caught It Too….

  10. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 caught it and could quarantine it, but i made it delete it. Thanks 😀

  11. I saved it on my desktop. PC Tools internet security did not catch it until I manually ran a scan pointing it to user profile/desktop location.

  12. WOW!!! Most World No.1 AVG Internet Security 8.5 2009

  13. WOW!!!! AVG Internet Security 8.5 2009 caught it and could quarantine it, but i made it delete it. Thanks 😀

  14. Nice tool for checking the anti-virus. Thank you. I feel better now, because I use the Microsoft Security Essentials and it detected it, suspended it and gave me the choice to clean computer and it quickly deleted it.

  15. my bit defender anti virus 2010 not even warn me about this virus ;( ;(

    instead it deleted it instantly 😀 😀

  16. Norton internet security 2010 works perfect. It says Auto-protect has blocked security risk EICAR Test String. Risk status: High

    Best thing about this new version is its very light. This is a kick ass stuff for all those people who experienced slogging old versions.

  17. Spyware Doctor detect it.
    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware detect it.
    Bit Defender total security 2010 instantly delete it.


  18. mmmm sad 🙁 my bitdefender 2010 wasnt able to detect it, even after i did a check.

  19. My Bitdefender 2010 total security detected it and immediately moved it to quarantine.

  20. Microsoft Security Essentials got it!

  21. Great ! My anti-virus which is E-scan Internet Security Suite quickly detects it in no time. Thanks.

  22. nod32 detected! it deleted the file! im so happy with this than trend mcro

  23. Wow guys that was great,thanx for the tip and surely you people are doing a wonderful service to all internet users..

  24. Yes ! KIS 2010 detected it ! I was curious if KIS was working properly & it turns out that it does ! YES ! thanks btw , cool.

  25. hey excellent work, as soon as i saved ms security essentials removed it!!

  26. Yo Man KIS 2010 is gooood
    Detected and provided number of options to play with the file


  28. Thanks for the virus test. Avast 5.0 detected it when scanned. I also entered the script into an email and sent it to myself. Avast stopped it dead in it’s tracks and quarantined it. Nice to know Avast is working. Thanks for a neat service.

  29. thanks for the awesome info..

    avast detected it quickly

  30. My Avast Anti-virus blocked it immediately and I love how it talks to you and tells you that malware has been detected.

  31. thank you i have posted this on a few web sites i use as it can be verry important to have a full functional antivirus works with avira too but you do have to change the settings to scann all files not just smart scann in real time protection didnt know that avira missied out some typs of files to guess there another thankyou for imporving my scuirty 🙂

  32. avira antivir personal (free) up to date detected as .exe but not as txt upon saving.

  33. Don’t be fool people. This supposed to work since 1999 for any antivirus back then. Currently technologies are much more complicated so this test really checks NOTHING!

  34. My bitdefender 2010 was on it!!! Barely hit save b4 it had it blocked. 🙂

  35. WOW buddy… u just saved my life. I thought my Avira was dead after accidentally modifying some of it’s key files with a (trashy but non-virus) program that I made. But it was not. I will tell my friends about this.

  36. Avast Anti-virus blocked it, thanks

  37. My Microsoft Security Essentials detects and remove it!

  38. hey my avast 5.0.594.0
    delete this virus quickly
    my avast anti virus
    also detect the txt file
    gud i love u avast

  39. Thanks for the information. Sophos 7.6.20 detected it.

  40. what an idea guys.

  41. that awesome test and it will make us believe that our system is secure my norton antivirus found it as soon as i have pasted and saved

  42. Malwarebytes didnt alerted

  43. My Stop Sign did not pick it up right away but did fine it when it performed it’s auto scan. Nice test thanks.

  44. avast is not detecting even if its database is up-to-date




    KEEP WORKING…………..

  46. My ESET NOD smart security detected it instantly and didn’t allowed it to even save it to desktop and deleted it but when i tested it with avst internet security it neither detected automatically nor when ran a manual scan.
    But according to CNET’s review avast internet security is number one in security suites where as eset smart security is 4th.

  47. hey … nice dude…it really works ..thanxx !!!!!!

  48. thanks…it works great.My NORTON antivirus blocked it

  49. when I paste is to notepad and saved it My Kaspersky internet Security 12 detected the Malware

  50. clamav scan summary: Eicar-Test-Signature FOUND

  51. AVG detected it as a virus

  52. Thanks. Just realised that my current anti virus has expired. It didn’t even give me a notifications Will have to go back to installing QuickHeal AntiVirus again. At least I used to get a proper message from them when my antivirus package was close to expiry.

  53. My microsoft essentials antivirus detect it as a high leavel vircus.

    • thanks dude you saved my money, my Microsoft security essential detected this as a virus and quarantined it
      try this Microsoft security essential its free and effective purely from Microsoft.<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

  54. MacAfee caught it on my computer in about three seconds after saving

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