How to check web compatibility of Access Database

Access 2010 database can now be published to web which is an extremely useful feature for small business group where buying a SQL product might be costly. To save and publish an existing database to web follow the steps below :

  • Click on File > Save and Publish
  • Publish > Publish to Access Service.
  • Here you will have to configure your Server URL and Site name.

Access Publish Options

However what you should be concerned about before publishing is compatibility of database in a web environment. To run the compatibility check look for a button just above the publish which says “Check Web Compatibility”.

Access Check database Web Compatibility

After you run the compatibility checker, in case of an error you will get an error message with complete report on where the error is i.e. Table Name, Column Name, Error Type, description and link where you can find more details of error.

Access Compatibility Report

You should go through  the errors and find how it can be fixed so that when you publish across, no body gets into any problem.


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