How to configure and connect Linksys router with ADSL Broadband Modem

In this post, I will show how you can configure the Linksys router to connect to the Internet using  Lan Wire and Wireless and the router with ADSL broadband Modem. It can be similar to other modems or Fiber Cable connection using PPPOE. Configuring the router was a little tricky for me. I say tricky because its not hard, but to know how to do the right way took time. So let’s get to the topic.

Note: It will work with any router, all you need to do is use the right connection setting.

How to configure and connect Linksys router with ADSL Broadband Modem

  1. Initial Setup & Requirements
  2. Configuring Wired Connection on Lynksys Router with broadband
  3. Configuring for Wireless Connection with Lynksys Router

Initial Setup & Requirements

Any broadband connection you buy asks you to connect to your computer directly. They are usually single PC usage, but then it doesn’t work that way. So I had the broadband modem connected with the computer directly. Since I have a router now, I could connect more device, and hence the requirement.

What I had?

  • ISP: BSNL broadband
  • ADSL Modem SMART AX MT882 (provided by ISP)
  • My ISP had given me a Static IP and Some IP for the default gateway.
  • Linksys WRT54G2 Router

Note: If you a fiber cable connection or copper cable connection it works the same way. All you need is an Ethernet connection from your ISP to connect to your router.

My Goal:

  • Configure my Linksys WRT54G2 Router to talk to Modem and My computer to Router
  • Configure for both Wired and Wireless connection


Though Linksys router/modem comes with a CD which has set up for making this work, it did not work for me. I had to configure everything manually. In case you have any previous settings, please reset to factory settings.

Update: This should also work with

  • Linksys WRT54G Router with Huawei MT 880 or 882 BSNL modem. Thye have similar settings
  • ADSL Modem/Router UT-300R2U with Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G
  • BSNL smartAX MT882 modem and Linksys WRT54G router

It will work with any connection. All you need to is select the right settings. Currently, I am using the same router to connect with Tata Fiber Cable connection using PPPOE. Its a Fiber Cable connection. So finally It Should look like this:

My Home Wifi network
My Home Wifi network

Configuring Wired Connection on Lynksys Router with broadband

  1. Save & Note Previous Settings
  2. Detecting Router and Changing Router IP Address
  3. Making Router talk to ADSL broadband modem

1] Save & Note Previous Settings

Make a note of all your IP, DNS IP address, and Default Gateway which you can find in your current Ethernet /LAN connection. I had a static IP. If you have always connected your internet connection to your computer, then your Ethernet port holds all the connection details.

  • In Windows, Open Settings > Network > Advanced Settings. Locate your ethernet adapter from the listing.
  • Right-click the network connection. Then go to properties. You will see a lot of the things listed there. Look for Internet protocol ( TCP / IP ). It could also be IPv4
  • Now click on the Properties button. It will open another window. Under the general tab of the windows. You can see if the IP is set to manual or Dynamic.
  • If it’s manual, then you should have all the IP, DNS, gateway listed right there. Save the ip address on the notepad also, if you have any DNS IP save it too.
  • Now change your LAN settings to Dynamic IP and Remove option for DNS.

Do not change any configuration of your modem. Let it be the same and keep it on. We will need them when we make the modem and router talk.

2] Detecting Router and Changing Router IP Address

  • Unplug the network cable connected to your current Modem.
  • Plug the network cable (Mine was Blue) which comes with the Router Box pack to your computer. The other end goes into any of the Router Ethernet Port (1 or 2 or 3 or 4).
  • Now type in in Chrome or Edge or Firefox. You will be prompted for a password which is admin. You must be logged in to Linksys Router.
  • Now since your ADSL modem also has the same IP, we will change the IP address for  Router to
  • Under Setup >Basic Setup look for Network Setup and Change Router IP. Change to and Save changes.
  • Since the IP has changed, you will need to close the Browser.
  • Sometimes the IP doesn’t change automatically. Do an IPCONFIG / RELEASE and then IPCONFIG / Renew
Wrt54g2 Router IP
Wrt54g2 Router IP

3] Making Router talk to ADSL broadband modem

  • Plugin the Ethernet cable which comes from the Modem into the port on the router which says the Internet.
  • Open Internet Explorer and type in
  • Type in the same password  ( admin )
  • You will be in Setup > Basic Setup
  • Take a look at Section, Internet Setup. The current selection should be Automatic Configuration DHCP. Select Static IP instead.
  • Add the following details to it.  In the first step, we backed up All the IP configuration. Use them here
    • Internet IP Address
    • Subnet Mask
    • Gateway
    • Static DNS 1 / DNS 2 / DNS 3
ADSL Modem Settings to Wrt54g2 Router
ADSL Modem Settings to Wrt54g2 Router
  • Once done, save changes and you should be back on the same page.
  • Now try to connect any application which talks to the internet. You should be able to connect

If you do not have Static IP, then ask your broadband support to tell you what exactly you need to do. Most of the broadbands now offer PPPOE connection which is available in the dropdown. You need to enter a username, and password and set it a DNS IP address to connect. Everything else remains dynamic.

Configuring for Wireless Connection with Lynksys Router

Now once your Router is talking with Modem, it is pretty easy to connect on Wireless. The only thing we need to set up here is Security. Let’s get WIFI

  • Get to the Lynksys page again. Do all login and regular stuff.
  • Now look for menu Wireless, click on it. You should land on Basic Wireless Settings.
Basic Wireless Settings
Basic Wireless Settings
  • Select wireless configuration to Manual.
  • Wireless network mode to  Mixed.
  • Give a  Wireless Network Name (SSID), make sure its unique.
  • Make  Wireless channel selection 11 ( 11 – 2.463 GHz)
  • Select Wireless SSID Broadcast  to Enable
  • Save Settings, and you will be back on the same page with the changes you made.

Secure the Router

  • Go to Wireless Security on the same page.
  • You will need to configure here  Security Mode: WPA Personal,  WPA Algorithms:  TKIP
  • WPA Shared Key is what you will need when you connect to your router without wire. This key does authentication and keeps unwanted people away. Add eight-digit alphanumeric key.
  • As suggested in comments, there is a new mode which you can use: WPA2 with AES
  • Save changes. Make sure you save that key to a notepad or remember it.
Wrt54g2 wireless security
Wrt54g2 wireless security
  • Now the last step, Move to next menu Security > Firewall.
  • Uncheck Block Anonymous Internet Requests.
  • Save Settings.
Wrt54g2 firewall settings
Wrt54g2 firewall settings
  • Remove the blue cable which you had connected with Router.

That’s it. Now turn on your WIFI and Search for the router. The name should be visible. Click to connect. At this stage, it will ask you for the Password or Shared Key which we configure just above. It will connect, and you will be able to connect to the Internet.

In this post, I have shown how you can connect your router with your computer, how to configure it with the router when using ADSL Broadband and PPPOE connection, and lastly how you can secure your router.


  1. Thank you very much. I had the problem of connecting my wireless router with the ADSL Modem in the absence of setup wizard CD. I tried to setup manually with a notion that dynamic ip config would work out, but it went otherwise. But after seeing your article I could connect within a minute. Great stuff. keep it up


  3. For some reason after i hook everyhing up, my computers internet contantly connects and disconnects. The xbox and dvr do the same. on off on off…

  4. @Ryan :

    Regarding Setting IP to Dynamic

    My Network Place > View Network Connection. Select the network connection which is for your ethernet.

    Right Click the network connection. Then go to properties You will see lot of things listed there. Look for Internet protocol ( TCP / IP ). It could also be IPv4

    Now Clic on properties button. It will open another window . Under general tab of the windows. You can see if the IP is set to manual or Dynamic.

    If manual save the Ip address on some Notepad.Also if you have any DNS IP save it too.

    Once Saved, Select to Obtain IP dynamically and Obtain DNS automatically also. Save.

    Regarding XBox and DVR

    Do tell me if you have the same problem if the above thing gets sorted out.


  5. Hi Ashish, Great blog. I dont know if you use bitorrent or Utorrent but I can not port forward to the web with the above programs. I have followed the advice of Port and other websites relating to the set up of the wrt54g2 v1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have set up my network with the wrt54 as you have stated above. works perfectly otherwise.

  6. Hey all,
    I would be very grateful if any one could help me out .I got a new linksys router WRT54G2 and already have a DSL router (i have a tataindicom connection).I tried to run the setup through the CD multiple times but keep on getting the error 322 router not connected properly. The router connections are fine have checked them througly.
    Can any one guide me how to manually set it up???
    Should i follow the same steps above.And one more point i have a always on connection.meaning my user id and password are in my exsisting router..
    Any help is greatly appreciated…

  7. hey Ashish,

    I tried to follow the steps you have given but had hard luck doing so .. I could not open the router page itself..then i reset the router then did a ipconfig release,renew and tried again… but still no luck .. then i tried to ping the router which also failed… my old router still pings properly (LAN card is fine)…I think i have a dead router on my hands…what say??
    A point i forgot to mention previously is that i have a wireless lan card(d-link) and have created an ad-hoc connection wirelessly…
    Does that mean i have to follow a different path to set up my new connection??
    Awating your response…

  8. Adhoc connection is the problem. Adcoc goes for computer to computer. You cannot connect to a router in that way and that’s why you cannot find the router on the set ip address. Change it, so it can connect to any wireless point. After you do that your router will be accessible from the Ip address you had set to.

    I would recommend you to follow the steps again. Remove the adhoc connection type. First configure with Lan and then go for wireless. Dont worry its not dead router just it cannot connect to it.

  9. hey ashish,
    Thanks man … Finally got it up and running without any hitches..Thanks to your step by step perfect instructions…You have an amazing site here…
    Cant thank you enough….will surely recommend the site to any one who wants to install a WRT..
    just one more thing are there any more security issues that need to be handeled ?? Is the WPA enuough? Is there anything more we can do??

    Thanks again ,

  10. Great Kalpak, I am really happy that you got it rolling. Nothing makes me happy if i know somebody was really benefited from things I write. Share it with people you know. I can assure then people will always learn from the posts we write here.


  11. hey ashish,
    The router which we installed is working fine …atleast with my laptop and my cell phone…but the desktop is giving problems conecting with it… most of the times it cannot find the router.Even if it does (1 in 5times)it connects and after say about 5 mins the connection drops gets disconnected…also i can see a garbled version of my SSID in view available networks sometimes …what could be the problem…
    Range is not the issue.cause i get a steady connection with my laptop .also whenever my desktop connects it shows a ‘very good’ signal strength…

    awating your reply,
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hmm that sounds really different. Are you able to access the Admin Interface of router when connected ? Resetting is one option but You will have to repeat the whole process. I would suggest you to call the Netgear Support. They would know better . If you get to know what was the problem kindly do leave the details in comment.

  13. hey ashish,

    Sad news .. Range is the problem… Initial dianostics were wrong..Dlink card is not able to catch the signals…Had called the support..Wasnt of much help though..He too said the same thing…
    Any specific option you have in mind for this..(high gain antenna is one)..The tecnician suggested i relocate the router (which is very difficult in my case).or buy a usb wireless Lan card…

    What do you suggest..
    Thanks & Regards

  14. Hi Kalpak,

    Tough choice. I think you can go for high gain antenna as you already have Wireless in your desktop. ( You have right ? ) Adding another wireless wont be much of usefulness. Moreover high gain antenna will help to get more range to other devices also. I am not sure if the price but should not be very costly.


  15. Hello Ashish,

    Very nice article. I was struggling to set up this at my home for quite sometime. I followed your steps and was able to set it up without much fuss.

    Could you help me with another of my problem ? When I try to connect both my pc and laptop to net i get ip conflict error.

    Both have been set with static ip addresses, as setting it to dynamic ip’s are not working.

  16. hello…can u help me…how shold i do tis step???

    Make a note of all your IP, DNS IP address and Default Gateway which you can find in your current Ethernet /LAN connection

  17. Thanks For your reply Ashish.

    As I mentioned in my previous write up, if I change my lan properties setting to Dynmic Ip, I have been not able to connect to the net at all.

  18. Strange, If the router has been configure for static IP address, the connecting devices like laptop or pc would need dynamic ip. Is there any more info you can provide. ?

  19. hello Ashish Mohta

    i wish u can help me with my connection
    i have thomson speedtoutch modem 510 v6 which is locked and seems to be no way to unlock it,i try to upgrade,downgrade the frimware but its not working, my isp lock it.
    i need to foreword ports in the modem to be able to use p2p programs
    now i got a new C-net router, i want to ask if i connect the C-net router to my adsl modem will disable the modem firewall so i can foreword the ports only on my C-net router? there is noway i can log into adsl modem web interface or if i did that i will be behind 2 firewall which will make my problem more complicated?


  20. Hi Tamer, No it will not disable the firewall as your router will run on it and if you cannot do it directly then you cannot do this way either. Seems like the ISP has purposely set the firewall fixed so people dont exploit bandwidth. May be you can try disabling the firewall on your router and then give it a try but I have still doubt on it .

  21. Thank you for this great page.
    I followed your instructions and now have everything up and running smoothly. However I do have one problem that I cannot solve and would therefore like to ask you for your advice.
    My Linksys AG241Modem has IP 192.1268.1.1 (DCHP set to active) and my Linksys WRT54GL Router has IP Everything linked to the router has IP´S from 201 upwards.
    My problem is that I have a Linksys NAS200 (TZO activated) connected to the router with IP and find that I am unable to access my files remotely, but when I change the IP to and connect it directly to my modem then I can access my files remotely. What do you think could be the problem?

  22. hello brother,
    i have problem…. i have PTCL dsl connection and i want to make this wireless to use it on my Nokia N95 i have a Belkin F5D7630-4B
    but unable to configure it…can u plzzz help me….thanks in advance

  23. THANK YOU this help bigtime this really help i’v try all site and all but no luck, this site save my day

    thank you again

  24. hey..thanks a lot.ur tutorial was really great.i just bought this router yesterday nd spent the whole day makin calls to linksys nd tataindicom.the after sales service in india has gone to the dogs.anyway thanks a lot .hope to find solutions for my queries through u again.bye bye

  25. Hi,
    Found your blog through a google search. Very useful since I have a pretty similar setup (Huawei MT880 and Linksys WRT54G2). Have had a wired internet connection for a while but got the Linksys the other day after I got a new laptop. Have been struggling with the setup of the router since!
    The difference between your configuration and mine is that I don’t have a static IP address through BSNL. The part I’m struggling with is how to get the router to talk to the modem. When I go into the setup of the router and pick Static as the connection type, it doesn’t accept my internal IP address as the gateway ( I tried Automatic Configuration as the connection type but that didn’t work either. Any insight would be appreciated.



  26. Hi

    I followed your instructions and everything works, so thanks. However this results in all PC’s connecting to the WR54G2 getting their IP address from the Linksys router and not the modem connected to the internet. This modem provides the IP address to the rest of my network. So the result is that computers connected to WR54G2 can’t see the rest of my network. In effect its created a different network though ,it will still use the modem as gateway for the internet.

    Is this something that has to be addressed through Advanced Routing and can you give me more guidance?

    Thanks again Richard

  27. Hello,

    I have a wireless router wrt54g2, i forgot the security key..

    Now i have pressed the reset button on the router.. Do i need to adjust further setting.. please advise me, i am very new at this.. i have a lenovo t61..

  28. Hey,

    I am buying BSNL broadband, can you please confirm if I dont opt for DSL Modem then can my router (NetGear DG834 or Linksys WRT54G) act as DSL Modem too? In your above solution I want to get rid of DSL Modem and just one router which can do a job of Modem + wireless router.

    In short a cable is connected to router and router is connected to phoneline+PC and simultaneously it act as Wifi also so that I can use phone line + PC + Laptop using one router only.

    Please suggest me good router for above.

    Ritesh L

  29. Thank You very much for the steps ..
    I was in really in trouble coz software supplied with the Router was not working .


  30. Worked perfectly. I was stuck for more than 4 hrs for the same thing as their cd doesn’t work for me also. Thanks for the great tutorial. Easy but if you don’t know how to do you may not crack it.

  31. Hi Ashish Mohta

    I have a problem connecting to my DVR from the internet.

    I have WRT54G router connected to the internet through an ADSL modem, and a DVR 8 channel, connected LAN to the router.
    The internet connection is Static IP, Public.

    I went to the router and configured port forwarding to point my router such as
    -start port 8000,
    -end port 8000,
    -Ip address, which is the static IP of my DVR.
    On the DRV I made all recommended configuration for accessing from outside (internet).
    There is a software that came with the DVR. I have configured de software and to connect to DVR and watch the cameras.
    This is what happens
    1. When I am(my pc is)connected to the LAN
    a) I can access the DVR using the software
    b) I can access the DVR using the web, typing

    2. When I am (my pc is) connected to the internet
    a) I can access the DVR using the software
    b) I CAN NOT access the DVR using the web, typing 193.Xyz.Xyz.Xyz:8000, which is my static WAN IP: port that is already configured on the router to do port forward.

    Is there any problem with the router port forwarding or something else?

    Can you help me?
    The big problem is that I want to access the DVR through Apple Mac notebook because the supplier does not provide client software for MAC, only for Windows OS.

  32. I am running windows server2003 at work. I have a linksys router gateway connected to the network. Hwever, recently I bought a Motorola broadband modem which I want to connect to the linksys router so that everyone on the network can access internet. The modem has no router facility. Can you plz help me to let setup the linksys router to connect to the modem without disturbing the network setup.

  33. hi there! i have a problem with my internet connection, i recently bought a d-link dsl-2320b modem and then connected it to a linksys 4-port wireless-N wrt160n v2 router and can’t get an internet modem is configured and it works if i connect the modem directly to my desktop but not if i connect it through the router, i need the router for wireless connection for my laptop. FYI i’m using an ethernet cable.

  34. Can your configuration works for a AT&T 2Wire Gateway and a Linksys WRT54G router. You have changed the IP Address of the router to
    Can it be changed to or any other numbers except 1? Any particular reason for choosing 5?

    Does it mean with this connection, it will enable me to expand my PC network with ethernet connection?

    Under Firewall Setting, what is the reason for unchecking “Block Anonymous Internet Requests?

  35. @Lum :

    1. No reason for choosing 5. Just did not wanted to use 1 as it is the default for everyone. You can choose anything you want.
    2. Yes both wireless and ethernet .
    3. How do you connect to wireless for the first time ? Since its already secured so even if ppl keep polling nobody will be able to access.


  36. My first wireless connection was I did some fiddling with the SSID stuff that you had shown.

    Wireless connection to the Internet with a laptop was by entering the WEP or WPA Key after scanning for my Network Name.

    Any specific reason for selecting WPA security key instead of WEP. The former selection is known to slow down the performance of your PC.

    Ever encounter any problem with your selection of WPA?

  37. @Lum actually I never tried WEP. Let me find some more details on this but it should not slow down the system. Any particular reason you feel it can slow down ?

  38. Hi Ashish,

    Firstly, thanks for this information , it is really useful and much appreciated.

    I am trying to install the WRT54G2 to be used with MTNLs SAM 300AX Modem. My problem starts at the point of IP change. I changed the IP through the basic setup page : and on saving that I got a page asking me to release/renew my IP.

    I ran ip/release and ip/renew : I get an error at this stage.

    Further on trying to go back to the basic set up page in the browser does not work : neither does the new IP I gave in the setup earlier, so although it has changed I have no clue what it has become.

    So as you can see I am unable to move forward so would appreciate any insight if you have any.

  39. Hi Mrinal,

    There is a Reset button at the back of the Router. Just plug it and reset it. It should set it back to And then repeat the steps.

    Let me know if you still face the problem if You change the IP


  40. @laty : This is definitely an issue with Port Forwarding. Its not set right. I would suggest you to call the Call center to get the right direction. I have never tried using DVR.


  41. @marvin: I would suggest you to follow the Tutorial here. You need to configure router to connect through wifi from your computer. You had missed second setp

    @Ihab : Does your modem have Ethernet cable ? You need to connect that to router.

    @Rajesh : Use the one I am using in this post.

  42. Hi,

    I did that a couple of times as well. The exact error I get when trying to release the IP is the following:

    An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 : The sy
    stem cannot find the file specified.

    Any clue?


  43. @Mrinal : Run a cmd / command prompt as administrator? right click on “cmd.exe”, choose “run as admin.”. then try your ipconfig/release command again.

    Also Do you have two ethernet or lan card ? Have you tried removing the cable from where it is and plugging it into the other LAN port and power cycling the broadband modem ?

  44. Got it running. Apparently on doing it again the ip is released/renewed despite the error message.

    Thanks much!

  45. Wow, thank you man! This topic saved my router’s life (i was going to…) haha thanks! Juan

  46. Hai,
    as per your instructions i installed linksys router and everything is fine. I am able to access the internet with wired connection but not with wireless connection. I disconnected the blue cable and pressed LAN E on. but i am unable to see any wireless connection. I went through administrative tools and enabled wireless and remote access connection.
    The same way my mobile phone is able to identify wlan network but it doesnt ask any preshared key and also i am unable to access internet throught that network.

  47. hAI,

  48. Hi Ashish,

    I have question regarding on the configuration for static IP to have internet. What if the TCP/IP properties is setup dynamically, how can I setup the router for static IP?



  49. Hi Ashish,

    Are you refering to Automatic Configuration DHCP? I chose that settings but still I don’t have internet. Hope for your response.



  50. Yes the same. Automatic Configuration DHCP.

    When you select this did you look out if there is anything that is required to be provided ? May be other pages do get changed also. Else I woudl suggest to call the Call Center.

  51. Hi Ashish,

    I already finished configuring the router. What I did was to Clone MAC address. I get the MAC Address when connected to ADSL then connected my ADSL, LinkSys Router, and my laptop. I went to Linksys GUI and tried the MAC Address clone and enable it. After that, I input the MAC address which I got previously when I connected directly to ADSL. Then click the ‘Clone Your PC’s MAC’ and save settings. 🙂

    Thanks for the time and help. I was also able to make my router secured because of your blog.

    Thanks a lot!!!


  52. tq ashish mohta…

    i’d tried to configure this thing almost one week..i dont know it so easy like this…one more question, can i configure this router using static IP address???


  53. hi there,
    interesting blog.
    my issue is that I can’t access to the linksys wt45g router webpage to configure it, everytime I try the router reboots or the page gets frozen
    Any idea?

  54. when I configeration Linksys WRT54G2 Router when Save It come out Message “IP address and Gateway is not the same subnet mask! ”
    How Can I save! Help me!

  55. hey ,
    i have a lyncsys wrt54g2 and i got two questions for you .

    my first question is that i’m used to having two passwords for any router i’ve had before, what i mean is there should a password to use the internet and then there should be another different password for anyone to access the router settings.
    on this router i can only set one password for everything so for example if i give the password to my tenant then he’ll be able to change the router settings.

    my second question, is it possible on wireless to set different rates for each user or a certain user,so for example if someone is doing heavy downloading wont hurt the rest of the user’s speed.

    if you read this far thank you for just that and if you decide to answer well thanks a million 🙂

    waiting for your answer

  56. hi, my computer is downloading very slow since i installer my router, i wasn’t able to use the cd that came with my router because my ethernet port on my computer doesn’t work so i pretty much wing it, now im paying the price it’s runing so slow. please help me ,

  57. @Mohammed : No you cannot have 2 password. But I would recommend you to take a look at admin section and see if there is any user creation and role mapping availble. May be that can help you.

    For your second question you need to use a Internet Monitoring software.


  58. hi, no the strength othe signal is excellent, i unplugged the powercord on my router and my modem and the speed has increased, how long it will remain is unknown, but for now thanks for replying

  59. thank you very much ashish for explaining this. i’m a home computer user and was having difficulties setting up my WRT54G2 to communicate with my ADSL modem as a router for my home network. i could connect my devices as a LAN but they couldn’t connect to the internet. then i got successful connecting my devices to the internet, but using my modem as the router/DHCP server and my WRT54G2 as a ‘dumb’ switch that didn’t manage my network. it even didn’t show on the network map on network magic.

    after a lot of googling i found a tutorial like yours only shorter and less detail to put the wireless router and my network on a different subnet (i used the network magic software said i got connected to the internet but i couldn’t load any web page. at first i suspected something should be added to the routing table, but i don’t understand how to do it. then i got stumbled to your page and this tutorial helped me solved my problem. i may have set the DNS or operating mode wrong. anyway, thanks. 🙂

  60. Sir,

    found the support , got confident that we will surely receive solution from experiences linksys technologist
    i have brought wrt54g2 linksys router

    issue :unable to connect to internet
    pre wifi scenario : i am having local cable internet (isp) whose cable i plugin n my sys, n submit usr/pwd to axcess the net
    isp provides dynamic ip to my connection each time i connect
    with dns
    current wifi status : wifi network configured, able to axcess the router with wifi enabled laptop/system
    also able to see my previusly configured broadband connection
    i tr to connect to broadband it proceeds with checking of isp usr/pwd
    but displays unable to coonect to internet/register on network

    my wifi router ip
    my isp provides dynamic ip in series of 172.x.x.x.
    while dns series is 123.208.X.X

    thking u in advanv for the support u give to linksys users

    [email protected]

  61. HI I have to tell you how grateful I am for this post. I have tried to configure my little brothers computer for two weeks without spending extra money that we dont have! Finally this worked!

    My network provider told me to call the router company and vise versa! very agitating after speaking with both a total of 4hrs and getting no viable info from either! I am not a computer whiz but in todays time its hard to learn without paying a hefty fee. It is not fair considering how everything school related (well in high school) is computer related and expected to be done on a computer, U’d think they would provide a technical support for students at least to be able to get the knowledge needed in order to set their computers to do the necessary homework.

    He saved his money for this computer and was not expecting to run into so many problems with it being brand new plus paying for the router that the cd setup would not work at all for this connection. So thank you so much for step by step instructions. I know this was time consuming and I just wanted to thank you personally for your time taken to help inform for free. This really is hard to do and not cheap if I called for help! Thanks from an andoring fan!

  62. I have a similar set-up as mentioned in the article above, but not with a static IP. I have configured PPPoE option in my WRT54G, which is connected to the ADSL modem (MT880). The internet connection works fine for me. However I am unable to connect to the ADSL modem with IP address from my PC which has an IP address of (assigned by the DHCP of WRT54G). Any idea what the issue could be?

  63. Hey Ashish, I’ve had this router for around 2 weeks now and I’ve been having a few problems with it.

    I set my router up basically the way it is in your tutorial, except I left it as ”DHCP” in the main router page (nothing happens when I click save settings if I try Static IP)… So, I’m using WPA Personal as my encryption mode and the issue I’m having is that my laptops don’t detect my router as an access point.. Actually, they do detect it and connect succesfully if I unplug and then plug the router power cable back, but I’m tired of having to do that every now and then.

    I find this really weird since internet is fully functional 24/7 on my Desktop computer (which is connected to the router through cable).

    Please help me if you can.
    Thank you in advance.

  64. thanks a million ton..:) got a router 4 months…cudnt get it to work..your blod made it real easy…thanks again Ashish

  65. Hi Ashish,
    I want to access other systems connected to the Router but I’m not able to. Is there a separate setting I’ve to do for this. Basically I want every system should be available over LAN/WAN. I’m able to ping to other systems but when in browser I typed I’m not able to access the other systems.

    Thanks in advance

  66. Hii Ashish, I want to Connect my Pc with my Laptop I have the Ethernet Cable how can i do this… I have tried a Lot but I want able to Connect It. I’ll be Highly thankful If you can Help me in this..

  67. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I bought a wireless router a month ago, but couldn’t make it work. Today after I landed this blog I could do it in few minutes. Thanks again.
    –Elango M

  68. I greatly appreciate this blog… I just followed the simple steps given here and my Wireless router started working… Thanks a ton!

  69. Hey i didn’t know what my DNS and i puted 1 for all parts. Now i cant get onto the page… i screwed?

  70. Hi Ashish Mohta,

    I recently bought a WR54GT2 router and it works perfectly my problem is that my laptop which is connected thru wifi cannot ping the ip address of my pc I want to do remote desktop to my pc using my laptop but there is no lan connection what steps should i do? thanks in advance

  71. Hi Ashish Mohta,

    I have a WRT54G2 ver 1.0.4 router and fully configured on wireless.
    Our Laptop users come on wireless network and use Cisco VPN utility and do their own work .

    But problem is that VPN disconnect frequently & not in idle condition but in the mid of working.

    I already did all settings given by you.

    Kindly suggest one better solution so that problem go forever.


  72. Yes , it is a very compact and small space where users sit and I agree signal fluctuates. But when we check the Internet without VPN then its working quite well.

    I mean to say – if signal fluctuate then internet will also not be work but when user experience weak signal then VPN disconnect & internet still working.

    Why?? & why the wireless signal not stable ??

    Pl. help me out..


  73. Ashish,

    Very helpful post, though I am having some issues. I followed your instructions through “Making Router talk to Modem”, but could not connect. In addition, now I cannot access my router setup page: neither nor works.

    Any suggestions?


  74. Hi,

    I am trying to set up a WRT54G2 router and when I select DHCP it picks up the IP address from the main server that provides the Internet connection but the gateway is blank. Of course this means I can’t get access to Internet. So I have to enter the IP address, gateway and DNS figures manually. This still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  75. Hi,

    Sorry, this may be a really stupid question, but when I type the number you provide (see below), I am not only asked for a password, but a user name also; what should I put there (or qhere can I find the user name I should type in?


    By the way, thanks for the blog.. 😉


    “Now type in in IE or Firefox or any browser. You will prompted for password which is admin. You must be logged into Linksys Router.”

  76. Ok I got one for you. The thing I want is to do is get internet connection to my DirecTV box. First I have DSL internet. I have a 2wire 2701hg-b connected to my main computer. It is wireless so I have my other 2 computers connected to it as well. I have a Linksys WTR54G which has wireless capabilities as well. I thought that I could connect the Linksys somehow to the 2wire modem/router and use the Linksys as my internet source to my Direct box so I will not have to buy a 40 ft ethernet cable or pay almost $200 for a wireless connect from Direct.

    What can I do with the equipment I already have to get internet on my Direct box? Thanks

  77. @S Eich : You dont have to do anything actually apart from following the instructions give in the post. But this is basic :

    1. Configure your DSL Modem for auto login. You can provide the username password in the modem via the web interface.
    2. Provide all the TCP / IP details including the name server in the linksys router.

    So now your DSL modem has Internet live and your router knows how to talk to modem. Connect anything to it and you will have direct access.

  78. I guess the other question will be, can I still connect the linksys to the 2wire modem wirelessly so I can get internet through the linksys? My 2wire is working good, I just need it to get internet to the linksys wireless so I can connect a ethernet cable to the Direct box.

  79. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for the info u have given on ur blog,my question is will these some configuration work for WRT160N router? cause i have done my configuration just like your but my problem is i sometime get connection for a short time then loss it,than i have to renew my IP or restart the router or do the configuration all over again.Please what could be the problem help.


  80. Please another question is how do i increase the range? cause anytime i go to the next block away from my house the signal is low but i can get other unsecured wireless ranges in my house with strong please.


  81. Hello Ashish,

    Your blog is very helpful. However, I expect you to comment on my specific situation.

    I recently bought Linksys WRT54g2 router device with the hope of connecting it to my existing Linksys WCG200 Ver.1 a cable modem router which is nearly 7 years old, retiring it from all tasks other than of cable modem. Primarily because the wireless is not power management aware and G band had difficulty in reaching. I have internet cable connection from Etisalat UAE with dynamic IP, however most often found to be static.

    In WCG200v1, I switched off wireless and DHCP, and local IP of device is Then wired to my notebook with static local IP. I can browse internet.

    I configured WRT54g2 with DHCP on, Wireless on, and local IP is DHCP range is 192.168.0,10 to 19. Internet connection type is set to Automatic Configuration DHCP. With these settings the notebook connects to the router wired and wirelessly with DHCP provided IP.

    Now, powered down everything, connected ethernet cable from WCG200 to the Internet port of WRT54g2, powered on cable modem, WRT54g2 router, Notebook computer in that order after confirming all indicators are stable. I am not able to browse internet, even with DNS servers are assigned.

    Where did I went wrong? Here the two devices and notebook computer are on the same subnet. Should the two devices be apart? Please help me in this case.


  82. Hello Ashish,

    I’m setting up my wireless network using linksys wrt54g v1 router. I would like to know if the subnet mask for the internet set-up and network setup should be the same figures 255.255.255? When I used ipconfig my internet set subnet mask has a different set of figures.



  83. Thanks for the reply Ashish. I have configured my router per your procedures. It can now connect thru wifi but when I open my firefox browser webpages do not load. My wifi connection also slows down gradually from 54mbps to 36mbps then 24mbps then down to 2mbps. Kindly advise what could be the problem? For info I have updated my wireless driver to the latest version.



  84. Hey I am haveing trouble connecting 2 xbox 360s using a wrt54g2 wireless router both boxes are hard lined and I am getting 5 to 6 Mbps on a cable modem sometimes we are able to connect but can’t play in the same room online or play at the same time any advice will be helpful thank you

  85. Hi ashish,

    thanks for the tut. Got internet running on my pc, with lan cable (win7). However when I connect 1 of my 2 laptops (wireless), which both run vista i get some kind of ip conflict i guess, because it throws out my pc and i cant connect with the laptop. It says on my pc “local are connection doesnt have valid IP configuration”. And I get the yellow triangle. It seems I can just have internet on 1 machine.
    Is there a way I can help to prevent this?

    Thanks and regards,


  86. Jan You will need to change the local ip address of both computers. By default it has been set to For one computer you can keep as and other as

    Now there will ne conflict when all the system get plugged together.

  87. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for the quick response. This means I have to use static ip right? Do I have to change something on the router aswell?
    Kind regards,


  88. Hi Ashish,

    I tried to set up static ip for al three.,, Im still having the same issue. It goes to the yellow triangel on al systems as soon as I connect more than 1 system. I do not know how to help this.
    Looking forward to your advice.


  89. Hi Ashish,

    I’ve been working on setting up my friends router and for some reason I am able to connect to the interent for only the first minute after I plug in the ethernet cable directly to the wireless router. After a minute it shows it is disconnected from the internet and local only. I click repair and I get the error “Cannot connect to DNS server” If I reset the router it will again work for about a minute and then I get the same error. Any ideas?

  90. Dear Mr Asish
    Wonder if you could help me in this

    Movies downloaded from Torrents are in vlc file form .
    How do i burn them on a cd
    I beleive some softwares convert the codes but it takes a lot of time …
    any solution

  91. This router is very easy to configure and to establish a internet connection. I had it done in just 5 mins 🙂

    Its nice that you can configure your router not to broadcast its name to everyone and that you can apply a mac filter and there lot of other options available! Very usefull!
    Most common routers from that price dont have these options available.

    My question to Jan is, why do you want to use static IP addresses for your computers? Using DHCP would fix your problem.
    If the reason for static IP is to connect to other computers, you also can use the hostnames.
    Did you check the IP adresses when you have all computers running?

    @ Thomas
    Did you changed something in the DNS settings from the router?
    You should check if your router is configured with the right DNS server from you ISP.
    You could try to flush your DNS on the client computer.

    To the author, its a good tutorial 🙂 very nice!

  92. Dear Mr Ashish
    I have huawei smartax 882, wrt54g2, pc and laptop. When I connect all of them with cable I can use internet from both computers and communication between pc and laptop works. When I disconnect cable from laptop and turn on wireless situation is: i can comunnicate with pc but i cannot access internet. Signal is always excellent. Can you please help me. I don’t have idea what is wrong.

  93. When I go to internet protocol and properties it is checked obtain an ip address automatically so I cannot note data. After that I go to ipconfig and I note ip address, subnet mask and default gateway, but there is no dns. I think the problem may be that I have dynamic ip (i am not shure). I have followed tutorial from installation cd instead. There is one more important thing i have forgot. I have router for 3 months and in that period i was able to go on internet 2 times by wireless but only for 5 min.

  94. Sorry , does it hv a customizable setting for … what they call that,
    port1 – high speed
    port2 – medium speed
    port3 – slow speed

    like the one in wrt54g router ?

  95. Works! Go to network connections and disable all connections except ”wireless network connection”. Thanks Ashih. You’ve helped me to understand wireless router.

  96. Hello, hope you can help me with my issue at home. I have a Linksy WRT54G2 V1 router that I tried installing. When I open the internet explorer on my laptop or my desktop it can’t connect, however when i connect the modem straight to my desktop the internet works fine. I want to connect my laptop wirelessy and i want to connect my desktop wired (since the router is next to my desktop)? Do I follow your tutorial above to fix this issue and should i follow your tutorial for my pc on the wired section, and should i follow your tuturial for my laptop on the wireless section???? Any information will certainly help….
    Thanks a lot

  97. I have a Sterlite SAM 300 MTNL Routers and one static IP for this and I want to configure a DHCP LAN through this Please guide me How can I do this. Thanks in Advance…

  98. Hi there
    ur blog is surely nice
    I have a issue that I kan c my linksys in my wireless connection but it shows no signals and I tried all of ur steps but couldnt change a thing… Kan u help me??

  99. Hi Ashish,

    Nice tutorial…Thanks…But I do have a issue..

    I did exactly what you said, but am getting DNS error..The signal strength is excellent but not able to connect to internet. My setting are:

    Automatic-DHCP and TCPIP properties are all dynamically obtained. If I replace this Linksys router with my old Trendnet router or bypass the router and directly connect to my DSL modem then everything works fine. Not sure what is this DNS problem. I tried DNS flush and clearing the DNS cache but no use.

    ~ Harsha

  100. I followed all of your steps but then couldn’t connect to the internet. It is giving me an error saying it cannot communicate with my DNS Server. Please help!

  101. Hi,
    I’ve windows vista and my modem is dlink glb-802c(not provided by BSNL)
    Do I need to change anything from above?


  102. Thank you Ashish, I did not know the ADSL modem also uses the same IP as my Linksys. This piece of information solved my problem finally

  103. Hello Ashisbhai (Author),
    I am extremely pleased with your replies & comments. I am having a problem setting up a router Linksys WRT150N to a YOUTELECOM (Formerly Iqara, Surat, India) cable modem. I am aware of basic connections, however (without router) I have to connect by using username & password to turn internet on. So in reality internet is not always on (unless I need to browse, than invoke the program to enter user & password).
    Will router work in this scenario ?
    I properly connected the router thro cable modem, but after entering the user & password, it gives pppoe error & cannot connect to internet on my main wired pc. If I remove the router from the loop, it works well.

    What do I need to properly configure in the router? Obviously I am missing something to enter properly.


    Sanjay H Patel

  104. Hi Sanjay,

    There is no problem with the router but its the modem. You will have to make your mode to auto login as soon as you turn it on. That can be done by goign into the modem interface and configuring it accordingly. Since each mode type has little different interface I would suggest you to get in touch with service guys who can guide you right.

    Once you do that You will not have to use any user name password with or without router.

  105. thank you sir

    The CD that came with the Linksys router was really troubling me.
    Your article not only helped me to install the router, but also helped me to learn more about network addresses and gave me confidence to try something new.
    Once again, thank you so much!!!!!!!

  106. wow men, you’re the best! this thing really works!
    you’re a genius,..

    i thought my router was useless,..

    I’ll rank 100 for this,..

    thanks again,..

  107. Hi there,
    I have asked many ppl about this particular problem & I’ve been trying to sort it out, but found you through google & thought I would shoot the problem to you.

    I am currently able to use the wireless connection though my laptop & Wii, but cannont connect to the wired connection on my desktop. When I set the router up I put the desktop as the main point. I don’t understand how I can have a wireless connection & not a wired one??

    I have tried all the steps you have suggested quite a number of times & still end up with no wired connection. When I go onto my desktop & check the LAN properties, it tells me that it is connected, but I cannot access the internet.

    Please help as I can no longer do anything on my laptop cause my memory is full & just to make matters worse, my external hard-drive power supply has just burnt out… frustrating much?? :-p


  108. The problem could be the IP settings on your lan. You need to use Automatic if everything is configured with the Modem and router. Else call up the Lynksys help line.

    And please get your laptop repaired.

  109. I have followed everything u say and I have a excellent signal strength but when i load ie or anything else the interrnet is not working. How can this be? I have wifi on my phone and I’m trying to use my blackberry8530 to access the internet on my pc.

  110. Dear Sir,

    I want to run web application on IIS with dynamic IP. Becoz i have not static ip address. i m using dsl modem and linksys wtr54gh router.
    when i type my dynamic ip address at browser window, it is send me at modem username and password window.

    kindly provide me perfact solution for the same.

    Thanks and Regards

  111. Hi Ashish
    i have just taken a IPTV (3in 1) connection from Airtel.
    They have supplied me a Sterlite Modem
    I changed the SSID to a unique one but every 2-3 days (perhaps earlier) the unique ID changes back to RT2561_1.In addition to this, I see 3 more SSIDs such as RT2561_2/3/4
    Why is that…cd u help please

  112. Ashish,

    I have just had AT&T (dsl) service installed and have had Comcast (cable) removed. I had 2 linksys routers connected to my cable modem. 1 was a gateway and the other was a router. The wireless gateway that ATT installed works great, But when I plug up my routers to this ATT gateway my (all) computers have great signal strength and I can connect to any of the routers/gateways, although I do not get internet until I switch from one gateway to the other, I then have internet access until I put the computer in standby or turn it off. When waking up or turning on the computer I have to switch the gateway/router again to access internet.

    The reason for the additional routers is due to a couple of factors in the house. Xbox, Slingbox, TVs and previous wiring done in the house, as well as signal strength in the upper and lower floors of the house.

    When the 2 linksys routers are unplugged from the main ATT gateway, all computers connect to the ATT gateway like normal. So I’m thinking its the wau the 2 linksys routers are set up. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


  113. Hi mate,

    How do i Make a note of all your IP, DNS IP address and Default Gateway on Windows Vista?

    Thanks mate

  114. @Gloobug : look for the signal or computer icon on the tray, click and that will open the network. You should then select the link which is blue and should say lan. Click on it and select properties and then tcp ip

  115. please do anyone know how to connect a mobile dvr to the internet, i want to use a dial up 3G usb. to host it
    please how do i do that.
    i will appreciate the reply sent to my box

  116. Okay i have windows vista and i coudnt follow all your directions cus it is different from vista. I got lost at this part:——— Now Click on properties button. It will open another window . Under general tab of the windows. You can see if the IP is set to manual or Dynamic.

    If manual You will have all the IP, DNS, gateway listed right there. Save the ip address on notepad .Also if you have any DNS IP save it too………..

    —and since i have vista i got confused cus i coudnt find it. i found my ip and all that

  117. A million thanks!

    This afternoon my Mom passed me a WRT54G2 Linksys router she was given some time ago and asked if I could make her “wireless”. She has a MAC with an existing Linksys ADSL2 + Modem + 1 ethernet port, which I cabled up and ran the install CD to no avail (and have to say was a pretty limited piece of software)
    Mom also wanted to connect 2 other notebooks up and my brothers want to run their PS3 too.

    After trying a workaround the software, I found this blog, followed your instructions to the tee and Voila!
    All runs perfectly! and I can even get my email via MSFT exchange on my iPhone 3GS in WIFI mode.

    Happy family now,

    Deane :O)

  118. I configured the router using only my laptop.Now the laptop does not connect with the router wirelessly although it works fine with LAN connection.What sgould i do and please tell in easy to understand steps. steps

  119. Hey Deane,

    Pretty happy to hear that. Notnhing like seeing somebody getting benifit from my article. And thanks for making such detailed comment, not only it adds value but shows how benifited you are.


  120. Thanks Ashish – your instructions were clear and accurate. I got my wireless set up in no time at all!

  121. Hi,

    I just installed a Linksys Wireless WRT160n broadband router connected to a cable modem (Comcast service), one PC running Win XP and setup on a new Notebook eMachine, running windows 7, with built-in wireless. Very simple right?

    The attached PC is up and working file through the router (Internet access, email, etc.).

    The eMachine connects to the router but cannot access the Internet (load pages, etc.).

    Can anyone please tell me (step-by-step; a monkey could do it) how to fix this little problem?

  122. Great instructions. Only problem I had in connecting the wrt54g to my speedtouch non wireless modem is that I had to change the DHCP starting IP to in order for both wired computers to access the internet.

  123. Good Blog. I currently have problem with the wrt54g, it can not detect the IP address, DNS address from the cable modem. This happened after I moved my house to different city in my country. Every hardware are the same except different location. My router and cable modem had been dis-connected for few days. I did hard reset to both of the webstar cable modem and Linksys router. But the Linksys router can never get the IP and DNS from the cable modem. If my notebook or desktop connect direct to cable modem, it can browse without problem, I think the problem is between router and cable modem, please help

  124. Dear,

    Thanks, now i have configured my router with ADSL modem. I can browse internet but net speed is very slow. Kindly tell me what will i do for speed issue.


  125. hi i have this problem.. my desktop wont connect to the internet but all wireless at home does… my network connection shows “unknown”… and now i cant open my router ip address as well.. but all wireless devices still works… pls help

  126. ive tried to set up a server for kuma war but it keep saying that i cant connect to steam server and that vac mode is onn how can i turn it off to start my server?

  127. First of all, great tutorial, thank you for posting it.

    Secondly, I’m hung up on the part where we set the static IP. You say to use the values in the first part, but my computer was already dynamic and those boxes were empty, so how do I proceed?

  128. Hi,
    I have the Linksys WRT54G2 router, and it had been working properly for almost a year. However, in the last days I haven’t been able to connect more than one computer at the time. If I do, my PC says signal is excellent but I can’t open any webpage. Everything works fine when using only one computer but it stops working when we turn on the other ones. Why is this happening? do I need to reset the router or what else could I do? Thank you so much.

  129. hi sir.. i had a problem with my wrt54g when i tried to reset it the 4 lights(port 1-4) doesnt blink after i hold/release the reset button at the back.. hope you can help me sir.. tia

  130. Linksys WRTG2 and DSL Modem..
    I just bought a new Linksys router expecting to fix my problem, I wanted to have a wireless connection in my house. This is what I did that worked for the first 2 days.

    I unboxed my new router went to the Linksys Setup Wizard program offered by the device and went through it flawlessly, it worked like planned I had wireless internet perfectly fine. I had an Ethernet cable from my Modem into my Router WAN port. I didn’t have to set any settings or anything other than the SSID and if I wanted to password my wireless connection.

    Suddenly after two days more or less my connection is gone, I have no Internet from my wireless router.

    I know how to fix it (Plugging the ethernet cable from my modem into my router’s 1-2-3-4 ports and then manually setting the IPv4 with an IP, Subnet mask, default gateway of my modems address and DNS) but this is not what I want, I don’t want to manually set an static IP for any and every machine I’d like to connect wirelessly and I have devices connected to the network that I’m unable to configure with all this, because they connect automatically.

    The point is that when I unboxed and first configured my router it worked as I wanted and it does not anymore.

    I have read that it has to do something with a PPoE setting or something but I don’t think so because I’ve never set this before and before this router I had a router from NEXXT Solutions that worked flawlessly.

    I need help :).. I’ve tried restoring my router to factory setting and re-running the setup wizard but now it doesn’t recognized my Internet Connection like it used to.

  131. Thanks for blogging this buddy. It sure helped me set my wireless up and running without calling in a Hardware Engineer. The imp step I was missing was the Firewall Settings. Once again thanks!

  132. i cant find my dns.. when i changed my internet connection type to static, it requires a dns no.. i did not change my tcp/ip to automatic since it is already set to automatic.. help please..

  133. Very good Article!!
    it helps with right moment on right place!!
    Thank you so much 🙂
    Keep it that way!!

  134. Ashish,

    I posted the following to
    but I haven’t received a response and then I found this post. As written, It doesn’t avoid the problem my daughter is having, since her DSL service assigns the modem a dynamically assigned IP, not a static one. But after seeing your post, I thought you might have some insight.

    I am trying to help my daughter configure her
    Macbook running Mac OS 10.5.8, connecting via airport to her
    Cisco Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless Router, firmware v1.5, connected by ethernet cable to her
    DLink DSL-2320B ADSL2/2+ Ethernet/USB modem, which provides access to her
    AT&T DSL High Speed Internet service via PPPoE.

    This combination is failing in a very surprising way: In pairs, these components seem to work just fine, but the chain of all 3 devices fails to enable wireless Internet access.

    Because they work in pairs, support techs for each device, all claim the problem is not the configuration of their device, but one of the others. As a result, I’m not sure which device(s) need to have their configuration(s) adjusted to eliminate the problem, nor which configuration settings should change and how they should change.

    Can someone help?

    Here’s what we know so far:

    1) Connecting the Macbook directly to the modem (bypassing the router), the Macbook is able to access the Internet just fine. The front panel lights on the modem are just as they should be.

    2) When the router is connected to the modem, the router is able to retrieve the Gateway address on the remote side of the DSL link, the DNS server addresses, and successfully receives its own address from the modem via DHCP. The front panel lights on the router are just as they should be.

    3) The Macbook is able to connect to the router using Airport just fine. It can view the router set-up and status pages just fine. It gets a DHCP address from the router just fine, and gets the gateway and DNS server IP addresses from the router just fine. The front panel lights on the modem and router are just as they should be.

    4) When the Macbook is connected via airport to the router (which in turn is connected to the modem) the Macbook Network Diagnostics Panel show the Airport, Airport Settings, Network Settings and ISP Status are all green. The Internet and Server status indicators are red and read “failed”. Access to any Internet page via any browser fails with a timeout. The OS X 10.5 firewall on the Macbook is set to allow all incoming connections.

    5) When the Macbook is connected via airport to the router (which in turn is connected to the modem), the Macbook is able to ping the remote gateway address just fine, but attempts to ping any other remote address result in 100% lost packets.

    To get the Linksys WRT54G2 Router to successfully connect to the DLink DSL-2320B modem, we had to put it in Dynamic address mode, as we could not find any combination of settings using PPPoE bridging which would even allow us to get an internet connection between the router and the modem.

    Any suggestions?

    Macbook Mac OS X (10.5.8) via Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless Router through D-Link DSL-2320B ADSL2/2+ ETHERNET/USB MODEM to AT&T DSL

  135. Followed your instructions and couldn’t connect to the internet until I enabled clone your PC’s MAC. Once I did this I could connect just fine.

  136. hi for every one so i wana know about the router i have the back up of linksys 54gl v1.1 so i wana send the backup of this router to 54g2 router . it is possible or not plz inform me

  137. i have connect broadband connection and i am having a bsnl wireless router, can i use this router on my connection.

    please help me out
    thank you

  138. I have a problem, using a DSL modem, a Router, when i check the IP of the linksys, it gets and ip of ,the ip from my DSL is, the router is for expanding the wireless conection. cause on the dsl modem i turn it off. but am having conection problems on the wired computers, internet comes and goes, the setup is like this… DSL Modem Far, computer;s are wired to a SWITCH, the Linksys Routers is conected to this Equipment and Getting an IP from it. Were could the problem of losing conection Be, it was fine some days ago.

  139. Hi Ashish,
    Thank you for the instructions. Because of them, I am trying to configure my wireless router on my own instead of calling some Internet teach as I always do. There is one problem though – I cannot access the page of my wireless router. What is the username and password? I tried to enter the password only “admin” but it didn’t work. What is the username? I pressed the reset button on the back but it didn’t help. What can I do?
    Thank you.

  140. Hi Ashish,
    Thank you for the instructions. I was able to configure my wireless router. As i didnot have static IP i chose dynamice IP.
    Now the issue I am facing is i can either connect my laptop or my desktop. I am not able to access both of them simulataneously. Any advise on this.
    Thank you for the wonderful forum.


  141. Im using a wireless linksys.

    After loading a fresh copy of windows xp essential i noticed my metwork adapter wasnt working …the install must have cleaned the drivers,so i have no ethernet port.

    The question is how do i connect it using usb instead of ethernet to configure it with the steps you provided?

  142. Can I used BSNL UTSTarcom WA3002G4 ADSL Modem as Access point or Repeater for expanding range of signal of my root router in house as I have set up my BSNL Router on first floor. I got weak signal from UTSTarcom WA3002G4 ADSL Modem in summer many times. I think about to purchase new BSNL Router from BSNL Customer care. Is it possible to use my old BSNL router (UTSTarcom WA3002G4) as access point or repeater with other router provided by BSNL. I have read about 802.11n router on Website. Does BSNL provide any router based on 802.11n to latest customer? If I purchase 802.11n router from market or BSNL, does it will improve signal range in my house. I have now 802.11g wifi card in my two computers. But Router provided by BSNL broadband is based on 802.11b. So, I want to upgrade my network to 802.11g or 802.11n. Can you suggest me latest Wi-Fi router which are provided by BSNL Now.

    Please help


  143. Hi Friends,

    I have just purchase Nokia E63. I can connect my Desktop computer with wireless 802.11b network adapter and Lenovo Laptop N100 Series to BSNL Broadband through Wireless ADSL Router. But, for this, I have to fill Username and password for browsing internet from my computer. And I have special IP Address too for Bowering Internet from BSNL Wireless ADSL Router. Therefor, For browsing internet from my BSNL Wifi Router, I must have to fill up IP Address of BSNL Server and lastly user name and password in my PPPoE Dialer in computer. Now, How I can connect my Nokia E63 to BSNL Wifi Router through Wi-Fi without entering any IP Address on it? I can configure my BSNL Wifi Router to browser Internet without entering any Username and Password for PPPoE Dialer. But still, I must provide unique IP address of My BSNL server for connecting this mobile to Wireless internet Browsing. My Nokia E63 detects my BSNL Wifi Router easily. But I can not serve internet through it without entering my dialer user name and passpord and IP address of my BSNL Server on my Nokia E63 handset. Can I serve internet on my mobile through wifi networking from my Lenovo Laptop?

    Please Help.

  144. Hello,

    Nice article.. wish i had known your website before my configured my TP-LINK modem router.

    I have a TP-LINK TD-W8901G modem router.

    My question is :

    If i installed this device and connected to a desktop computer, can i also connect another laptop computer to access data in the HDD of the desktop? Suppose i want to play a movie that is there on the D: drive of my Desktop computer, can i use this device to play the movie in a laptop ?


  145. Great work Ashish! I was able to set up my network easily by following your post.

    You may want to slightly modify your article section on Wireless security with suggestion for using WPA2 with AES encryption algorithm that is now available (and replaces WPA-TKIP).


  146. Hello,

    I have a problem but it is connecting the WRT54G2 to a Linksys BEFSR81 router. In my home I have a box upstairs that houses the network cable for every room in the house. I have my cable modem connected to this router and then the wireless is downstairs plugged into a wall plug. I had an older Linksys router that was working fine set up this way but I think it died so I have the WRT54G2 now. I have a computer connected directly to the WRT54G2 and it connects fine if I take the cat5 from the wall and plug it into any of the 3 available ports. If I move the cable to the “Internet” port, the computer will not connect. All of my wireless devices see the wireless router but cannot connect to the internet. I tried setting it up like my old wireless router but something is not right and I can’t figure out what it is. Thanks for any help you can give

  147. i have a problem. When im connected it does have internet connection. on my laptop it has the full bar and in it, it has the yellow sign. The ethernet cable to the router does work. any help? thanks

  148. hi Ashish
    I have the mac mini quadcore recent version but it wont detect the dataone smartax mt 882 when connected to the lan/ethernet port can u plz tel me how to make it work. the dsl broadband connection works fine but its not detecting the modem when connected via the ethernet port if u can plz help
    thank you
    Anal Chakrabarti

  149. hello ashish
    How can you set port forwarding on a motorola sb6120 cable modem. thank you
    Pat Patel


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