How to Contact Google

Its not new if you had been trying to get in touch with Google or any of the Google’s Product team  there is no direct way except for forums and online contact forms. Well I am partly correct here because there are few numbers which exists which might at lest get you in touch with somebody in Google. Martin @ Ghacks has compiled  an excellent list of all the phone numbers, contacts and links to contact pages of Google which you can use.

Though I found forums to be the best place where you can get answered if you have asked the right question in the right way. There are many Google Employees like John Mu who did reply to me once when I did got into an Issue.


  1. Hi Ashish
    This is a list by which we can contact to google. I tried to same but they told me that do not contact here. Everything is available on net.
    Well they are not wrong in their answer.

    Well what you say about it?

  2. They are not wrong and thats why you should use online forums and online contact form google provides. Calling them on phone will be only successful when you have an issue which really needs assitence on phone and that is not to be done on the first hand.


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