How to control Windows 7 Personalization when you have whole family on it

Windows 7 PersonalizationWhen we say Windows 7 personalization we mean changing of wallpapers, screen savers, colour scheme etc. Windows 7 Group Policy Editor comes with certain settings which you can use to turn on and off the features. In fact it is possible to force use of single theme or screensaver or to completely disable it and even make Windows Classic permanent.

 Here is the list :

  •  Prevent changing color scheme
  •  Prevent changing theme
  •  Prevent changing visual style for windows and buttons
  •  Enable screen saver
  •  Prohibit selection of visual style font size
  •  Prevent changing window color and appearance
  •  Prevent changing desktop background
  •  Prevent changing desktop icons
  •  Prevent changing mouse pointers
  •  Prevent changing screen saver
  •  Prevent changing sounds
  •  Password protect the screen saver
  •  Screen saver timeout
  •  Force specific screen saver
  •  Load a specific theme
  •  Force a specific visual style file or force Windows Classic

This can be found in Group Policy Editor (gpedit) >User Configuration >Administrative Templates >Control Panel > Personalization.


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