How to convert VMDK to VHD ?

VMWare creates virtual hard disk in VMDK format where as Microsoft’s Windows 7 Windows Virtual Machine does it in VHD format.  Now it might be necessary for many IT Pros to test the virtual disk in different environment to find the stability or could be for testing purpose while trying to evaluate it.  So how do you convert from VMDK to VHD ?

There is an official tool available from VMWare team which you can download from here. Also make sure that you have removed the VM tools before you migrate and make sure the size of the disk is not more than 127 GB.  In case your OS has any reboot pending or error please do fix it first. This makes sure you have a proper state of the VMDK to be migrated. Also if you have any VM Ware specific drivers, make sure you remove it.

Convert VMDK to VHD
Convert VMDK to VHD


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