How to convert YouTube Videos into 3D Videos

YouTube has recently launched a tool which allows you to convert any video into 3D videos without you loosing your real video.  This basically comes as an option for you like changing from Normal to HD or enabling captions for the video.

Now there are two ways to create 3D videos

  • Converting Videos which have Left and Right recorded separately.
  • Converting Standard Videos which are of High Resolution.
If you can record left and right separately 

YouTube has a 3D video creator where you can combine two videos ( Left and Right ) to create a 3D video. This is very useful option for users who do not have a 3D camera but can use two camera to shoot left and right parts separately.

All you need to do is upload both right and left of the video and then combine then using the 3D  video creator. Tools for Time Sync between videos and setting up vertical alignment i.e. Vertical Shift between the videos can be set manually.

3D video creator tool

How to Convert Regular Videos :

  • First Signin your YouTube Account. Then visit the video page of that account which is where you view the video.
  • Now if you are signed in you should see Menu bar right on top of the title of the video.
  • The First button should say “Edit Info”, Click on that and you will some more buttons available one of which will be 3D videos.
  • When you click on that You will be asked Single image in frame (normal video) or 2 images in the same frame.
Which Figure Resembles your video the most
  • Now if you have created the video using one camera, the first option will be your choice but if you have done using 2 camera where you get left and right view separately or in fact used a 3D camera, second option is your choice.
  • Once done, You will have to check the enable 3D Conversion for that video and wait for sometime to process it.
  • After the video conversion is over you will get a 3D  button right in the video.
  • To view this video you need to use 3D Glasses.
Video Demo :

What options users have when viewing 3D videos :

  • They can select 3D viewing Mode where one can choose between Red / Cyan, Green / Magneta, Blue / Yello , Interleaved, Side by Side, No Glasses, HTML 5 Stereo View.
  • They can also change colour from Full Colour, Optimized to grayscale.
  • They an swap the left and right views.
  • At any moment they can switch to 2D view.
3d Viewing Options in YouTube

What is the best way to create a 3D Video for YouTube :

The best is to have a 3D camera but since not everybody can afford it, YouTube says, Create a High Definition Video which is of 1920 X 1080  which can be now created by using standard High Definition Camera which can use H264 AVC. More details on that page.

I converted a video of my own which I took using Sony Handycam having a 1920 X 1080 Resolution. And it worked fine. Watch it here



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