How to copy only comments from a cell in Excel 2010 / 2007

This is a very handy trick if you just want to copy comment from already filled in and formatted cell to another cell in excel without additional formatting.

  • The fist step is to copy the cell completely.
  • Then select the cell where you would like to paste the comment.
  • Now right click and click paste special and choose Paste Special  again which is at the bottom after other paste options.
  • Select only comments and click ok.

Paste Special in Office Excel


Office Excel Paste only Comments

Thats it. You would see just the comments getting copied. So if you have need like this dont forget the magic paste special.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am working for a call center and we use Excel to add the details of all the work done during the shift. We also get downtime for break and meetings and we have to add some comments for what we have taken the downtime for.(Eg, if we have gone for break, and we take 50 minutes downtime. So we have to add a comment saying that, ‘gone for break’). We have total 180 agents who are using this Excel sheet. Is there any formula which can copy only the comments of the agents on different worksheet? I even know that I can do it by using paste special, but opening the Excel sheet of 180 agents and copying the cell which has the comment is not possible.

    My email id is: [email protected]

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    George Akhade

  2. How do you copy the comment to the cell value?? This only pastes it as another comment, which still cannot be manipulated. Thanks


  3. that works fine when you want to copy within the same sheet.
    What if you wanted to copy the cell comments to another workbook?
    How you gonna do that?? HUH???!!!

  4. I am working on a calendar for my company that is pulling data regarding meetings and training and compile that on to one calender sheet. On the training sheet each cell has a comment attached stating the class roster of employees. I am having trouble getting the calendar to pull the added “comment” to the chalendar sheet. I do not want the calendar to display the class roster unless selected. I am able to pull on the data I want with a simple “=” formula. But it is not pulling the comment. Is there a way to get excel to auto pull comments as well as the date to a designated cell? I have not problem getting the data of a particular cell to auto scrap to another cell, but not the add “comment”. thank you

  5. @ Vince:
    to put cell comments in another cell on the same sheet – use the function =(getComment(A1))

    might not be the best way, but it did fill my need.

  6. You will need to use Macro.

    Sub ExportAllComments()
    Dim str As String
    Dim wrdcmt As Word.Comment
    Dim worddoc
    As Word.Document
    For Each wrdcmt In ActiveDocument.Comments
    str = str & wrdcmt.Initial & wrdcmt.Index & “,” & wrdcmt.Range.Text & vbCr

    Set worddoc = Documents.Add
    worddoc.Range.Text = s
    End Sub

  7. thank you for the clearly written steps on copying & pasting an inserted comment box and it was a terrific refresher for me, since I havent used this function in a longtime

  8. Ashish, those 25 or so words just saved me a tremendous amount of time! Thank you.
    Not only has it helped me personally; I will be able to show my students as well.


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