How to copy your Windows Regional and language settings to New User Accounts

Sometimes after creating a new users, you find that settings like Country, Language etc are set wrong for users. This is pretty much annoying for a new users because most of the times he is the first one to find it.

The root cause of this problem is when you had installed Windows for the first time. At that time either we aren’t there and depend on somebody else to set it up or just have clicked next next next choosing the default settings. So what happens for example is I stay in India but have chosen my country as United States which comes as default in the setup. Most of us don’t even realize it because we change it with time and so on.

How to fix this problem ?

First thing you need to have your settings done right. Make sure you have chosen the right format, country, keyboard layout etc. Done that Now we will use the Windows Region and Language Copy Settings.

  • Go to Control Panel > Open Region and Language.
  • Look for tab which says  Administrative and then click Copy settings.

Regional Settings Copy

  • Now the next screen will show three sections. The first one is your settings under current user and next two is Welcome Screen and New User.
  • Now to copy the current user settings to the New User Settings which acts as default template for new users, select the option which says Copy Your Settings to New User Accounts.

Copy Current settings to New User

That’s it all these settings are now copied over and any time new user is created it will use your settings. However any change you make from now on will not reflect, you will have to update it again.


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