How to create Albums in iPad when importing images

If you do import lot of images to your iPad then you know that there is no direct option to create albums from iTunes and it can be done only from iPad so here is a quick tip to create albums into iPad Photos when you are importing images.

  • Create a central place where you can have all the images in one place but make sure all the images are into different folders. For example I have all the events photographs under their respective name but in one folder called as Media. If you are using Windows 7 you can use the Library Feature for this.
  • Now done this plugin your iPad and launch iTunes and choose option Photos. Here you can select a folder or few folders inside another folder. Click on the drop down choose folder then select option of browser and include folder. Remember you can only have one folder choice on top level but can have multiple folders inside.
  • Done this you will have all folders as albums arranged in iPad Photos section.

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