How to Create and Transfer Google Alerts to Non-Gmail Email Address

Google Alerts is one of the services that always needed a Gmail account to receive it. But let’s say your primary email account is not on Gmail but instead a Yahoo, Outlook, Live, Zoho, or any other service.  How do you get those to add Google alerts to non-Gmail accounts? In this post, I will share a handy trick that allows you to create and transfer Google Alerts to a non-Gmail Email Address.

How to Create and Transfer Google Alerts to Non Gmail Email Address

Google Alerts Requirements for Us

  • Allow you to transfer or route selected or all of the alerts to any of your secondary email accounts (which should be non-Gmail) that you had added to your Google Accounts.
  • Also, you can create Google Alerts directly for a non-Google/Gmail account, which is added as a secondary email ID.

It’s simple, and it seems to be one of the updates made by Google. I noticed when I decided to unsubscribe for some alerts.

How to Create and Transfer Google Alerts to Non-Gmail Email Address

There are two ways of doing this. One is adding a non-Gmail account to an existing account. The second is creating a Google account just for the alerts. Follow whichever method works to create Google alerts for Outlook, Zoho, or any other email service. Once done, you can receive Google alerts without Gmail account.

1] Steps to Set up Alerts for a Non-Google Account or Non-Gmail Accounts

Google Alerts Non Gmail

  1. Add a secondary email ID (There could be more than one). Skip this if you have already added one. If you cannot add, skip to the following method.
  2. Now open Google Alerts.
  3. Add the end of the list of alerts you have a look for Delete Button (No, we are not going to use that)
  4. Right beside that, You would see the Send To Dropdown box available for you.
  5. Click Send to and you will see your secondary email if the one you added in the first step is available there.
  6. Please Select any or all of the alerts and move them to any of the secondary accounts.
  7. You can also create alerts for secondary email accounts.

2] If You Cannot Create or Add a Non-Gmail Account to Google Alerts

It seems Google Alerts doesn’t allow you to add another anymore. In that case, follow these steps

First, you must create a Google account with a non-Google email address. Once done, you need to log in to using that account. Then, whatever alert you create will be sent to your non-Gmail account.
  • Go to the Google Account creation page.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to set up your account.
  • Now click on the Use my current email address instead option.

Use Existing Mail Account for Gmail

  • Enter your non-Google email address and set the password to create the Google account.

Once you’ve created the Google account, sign in to Google Alerts using your non-Google email address to receive alerts.

Thats it. All the Google alerts you decide to move will be redirected to your secondary accounts instead of your Gmail account. This is handy when you want to set up Google Alerts for my work email.

How to Set up Google Alerts or Create Google News Alert

Google News is the one-stop where you can find most of the popular news sources from around the world, and if you wish to stay updated with the latest buzz around a specific thing, person, or phenomenon, then setting up a Google News alert can be helpful.

  • Visit Google Alerts and log in with your Google account.
  • In the Create an alert about search box, type in the keyword you wish to create the alert for.
  • Click on Show options.

Searching for a query on Google Alerts

  • Expand the Sources option and change it to News.
  • Select other details like frequency, language, region, email, delivery, etc.
  • Click on Create Alert to save the alert.

Selecting Google News As a source for a Google Alert

You will now receive alerts for your keyword from Google News straight into your inbox.

We hope the article was easy to follow and that you can set up and transfer Google Alerts to a non-Gmail address and receive Google Alerts email or Google News alerts to work email.


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