How to create e-books for Smartphones and Mobile

Mobipocket Creator allows you to create e-books for your smartphones or mobiles like Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian Os, Blackberry, etc. This way, you will be able to create a library of e-book with the content of your choice, which can be taken from any text file, image, XML file, or image file.

You will need a Mobipocket reader to read the created e-book. The best part of this is both Mobipocket creator and reader are free of cost. In addition to eBooks, you can also create photo albums, personal databases.

Download Mobipocket creator according to your phones ( handsets PalmOS Mobipocket eBook Reader for Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile (PocketPC, Smartphone) Mobipocket ebook Reader for Symbian (Series60, UIQ, Series80, Series90) Mobipocket eBook Reader for Blackberry and others (Franklin, iLiad, Pepper-Pad, BenQ-Siemens)

Install Mobipocket

Install Mobipocket creator in advanced mode. When you first start the program, you are greeted by a screen that gives you multiple options to create an e-book, shopping list, Database, Photo album. As I am going to do it for the e-book, choose blank publications under Create new publication.

Create a word document

Now Mobipocket software reads a word document of HTML file and creates an ebook based on tags. Tags can be “div,” “p,” or anything. You will need to look into the code for that. As I am teaching you, take this as an example, and you will have to figure out if you take any other HTML or word for tags. Here is an example of a word document

  • Chapter One is TITLE
  • First Part Chapter one is H2
  • Some text in the chapter is content
  • and so on.

After you upload the word document to mobipack software. On top you will find link for editing HTML. Click on it and You will see something like this ( For the Tags we created)

<p class=”MsoTitle” id=”mbp_toc_0″>Chapter one</p>
<h2 height=”5%” id=”mbp_toc_1″ align=”left”>First Part Chapter one
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span> </span>Some
text in chapter one

Now we will move to the third step and come back here again.

Creating a table of content for E-book

To get a clear idea, Let’s see how TOC will look like first. Compare the word image and this image for better understanding.

On the left side, you will find an option for creating a Table of content. Click it, and you see this image

The Tags which I marked bold in the second step will be used here. I will explain now. Suppose you buy a book on Vista. TOC will show All the chapter’s names and then subtopics inside it.

Similarly “p” tag has the Title of the Chapter, So we add it to the first level, and H2 tags contained the subchapter name, so we add it to the second level. Hence If you look at the image of TOC again. First Level is the title of the main chapter title name, and the rest is sub-chapters. Look at the image below again.

The rest of the things are easy, like adding images to an ebook, compressing. After you finish off things, just press build, which is at the top menu.

Install Mobipocket reader on a smartphone

Download Mobipocket reader and install it on your phone. Now using that, you will be able to read the ebook we just created.

This shows up in the emulator how the eBook will look like. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me.


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