How to create groups in Chrome’s New Tab

The recent update to Google’s Chrome Browser has made the New Tab section very useful. Instead of having everything in one place now we have sections which can be switched by selecting it from the dock bar of the new tab.

Google Chrome Dock

What is even more interesting is that you can create new sections like this by just dropping An App or a Recently Visited Page on the large dock and give it a proper name. This looks like Firefox Groups feature  which is controlled using a Mac Dock.!!

Video Demo :

Direct link

How to create groups ?

  • Drag an App or Recently visited page towards the dock,
  • It will automatically create a new section where this will get placed. You can also drop to an existing section if you want.
  • Make sure that the line of the new section turns gray when you are dropping it.
  • In case this is a  recently visited page, it will be converted into an App. You can verify this by doing a right-click and you should get uninstall option.
  • By default this section has no name, Double click on the area just below the line of the section in the dock. This will give you a text box where you can add a name.
  • To delete a section like this, just remove all the apps from there and refresh.
Creating Groups in Chrome
Bugs :
There is a small bug in creation. It seems to be retain the marks even if the apps are removed. You need to refresh to see it completely gone. Also sometimes the thumbnail of the app or site dragged is visible in the nearby section.


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