How to Create Image Map Online With Image Maps Tool

Are you looking for a free and easy-to-use HTML Map generator? Whether you want to add image-based navigation maps on your brand website or software, you must know about, which helps you quickly make Image maps with navigation buttons for every use. This article will teach you what an image Map is, its features, usage, and advantages.  We will also show how to create image map online with the Image Maps Tool.

What is an Image Map? is a free and easy-to-use tool for generating image maps. In HTML, an image map is a technique to make clickable places in an image. For instance, you may make a map image of your country and designate specific clickable areas for users.

Image maps were launched to replace the clunky server-side image maps. You can use it to divide the regions in a map or an image. In those, you can add links or a particular action as required. Consequently, a designated action is executed whenever you click on a specific area on it.

Features of Image Map

There are some specific features of using, which are as follows:

  • Clickable Areas: Clickable areas on an image map can be defined in various shapes like rectangles, circles, or polygons. So, you can click on the regions which would take you to a particular link or action.
  • Multiple Hotspots: There is more than one clickable area for each hotspot on the image map. So, each one has a different URL. Consequently,  you can divide a map into several hotspots with various links on each one.
  • Versatile Shapes: On an image map, you can use different shapes like rectangles, circles, polygons, etc. This flexibility in choosing areas helps you precisely specify the clickable area on your image.
  • Attached Links: Every clickable area on the image map is linked with a particular action. So, it performs a specific JavaScript function whenever you click on a specific area.
  • Visual Representation: Image maps visually represent the hotspots on an image where you can click and perform a specific action. It helps you to see the interactive regions with links and use them.
  • Simple Interface: has a simple interface that doesn’t require much effort. You have to upload your image, mark the hotspots and add links. There are no complex processes that you need to learn for it.

All these features help you make an interactive and engaging experience on an image for the user, who can click the areas and perform specific actions.

Create Image Map Quickly With Image Maps Tool

How to Create Image Map Quickly With Image Maps Tool is an HTML image map generator. It helps you generate your image map quickly. Plus, it is beginner Friendly that requires simple steps, which are as follows:

  • Begin by Choosing an Image: The process of creating an image map begins by choosing the image of a map from your device and loading it to

Upload Images

  • Create Hotspots: The next step is making hotspots on the map. You can create rectangle, circle, or polygon shapes. Choose the selected area and make the shape.

Choose the Shape to Create

  • Enter Links: Add specific links, titles, or actions in each hotspot. Each hotspot can have a different link to it.

Adding Links Titles and More

Check your Image Map: The last step is to check your generated map before moving ahead. You can select “Show me the code” and do it.

Tap on Show Code and Check Generated Map

What Is The Advantage of Using an Image Map?

There are several advantages of using Image and generating your image map:

  • Creates Interactive and Engaging map: helps you generate interactive maps. You can use them on your website to create engaging experiences for users. In contrast to the static map images, the users can click on defined hotspots and implement interactivity on your map.
  • Space Efficiency: When you use an image map, you can add several clickable hotspots and links on one map. It helps to use space and make efficient use of it. Rather than scattering links on your web page, using an image map is a helpful alternative.
  • Multiple Uses: You can use the image maps from in multiple ways. You can make interactive diagrams, infographics, gaming, and surveys using them. Also, brands can add their locations using clickable areas on the websites and applications to improve customer experience.
  • Better Navigation: The image maps can help you create better navigation on your website by giving a visual overview of different website sections.

Conclusion is an upgrade to regular image maps on websites and apps. It is a free and simple tool that helps you create quick image maps. This easy tool enables you to add clickable areas, multiple hotspots, versatile shapes, attached Links, and visual representation. In addition, you can use to improve navigation, interactivity, and space use on your website.


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