How to create Image Map quickly with Image Maps tool

Image Map is basically an image parts of an image is clickable. Imagine it like a web page with menus at certain areas.  One of the reasons you would like to use Image Map is to speed up your website as only one  image gets loaded or if you are in a situation where you cannot create menus using HTML tags but can use Image Map instead YouTube Partners Program is one such example.

Image Map Tool is a free online tool which gives you  user interface to create an Image Map. For example if you have an image with Logos, Facebook Image, Twitter Image all clubbed together, you can use this tool to draw the shape around that and add link to it. Once you complete, it will give you HTML or CSS code which you can use it on a website.

Image Map Header

See the video demo which should guide you nicely and then the instructions for more clarity.

Instructions to Create Image Map Tool ”

  • First make an image and decide which parts should be made clickable.
  • Next is to keep all the links ready.
  • Now launch the tool, and either upload an image from PC or if you have hosted on your server you can do that. Remember at the end you will have to use a hosted image for your website.
  • Once the tool gets uploaded,  select the right tool like rectangle, or custom ones if you have triangle or polygon etc.

Image Map Tool Snapshots


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