How to create Free Screensavers and Slide Shows using your own Images and sound

How about having your images embedded with your favorite soundtrack, as your screensaver, sounds good isn’t it? Yes, you can have this, and that too quite easily. You can create free Screensavers and Slide shows with personal images, using FotoAngelo.  It is an application by ACD Systems. Which allows you to add sound, text, and transition effects. Simple tools like the image ordering drag-and-drop storyboard area, make creating shows with this multimedia builder quick and easy.

How to create Free Screensavers and Slide Shows using your own Images and sound

Update: FotoAngelo Product has come to an end. It is recommended to use ACDSEE instead.

Create Free Screensavers and Slide Shows using your images and sound

Installation is simple and guided. After you are done with the installation part, Launch FotoAngelo, and choose “Create a New Project,” Now you get the main window, which looks like as shown here, different fields are Highlighted to explain their use.

How to create Free Screensavers and Slide Shows using your own Images and sound

#1 Adding Images to create screensavers

Drag and Drop the image files (*.png, *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg) in AREA 2, select folder from disk using AREA 1(Explorer), and choose files to be used from AREA 4.

#2 Adding Audio

Drag and Drop the audio files (*.WAV, *.mp3, .WMA, .rm, etc. formats are not accepted) in AREA 3, using AREA 1 and Area 4.

#3 Customizing transition, size, and other things

Now the transitions, delays, size of images, audio properties, text formatting can be specified using AREA 5.

Here every image file is required to be customized individually, and text is to be selected separately for each image.

Fotoangelo Select Presets

#4 Giving a Final touch

Now as all the foundation work is done, here you go, just click on the “Build” button of main window, click “Next”, use radio button to make a choice between Screen saver and Slide show, in case of Screen saver, you can choose to create the installer for it as well, using checkbox. Clicking “Next” you can specify the resolution of images, click “Next” to specify the location for the new file being created. If you have opted for the Slide show, it may ask for a few more, self-defined options, choose your requirements, and move further.

Now the file is ready to install as a screen saver. You can watch your loved ones with a dedicated song for them, which has an ability to make you smile and set you recharged, even while you are under tremendous work pressure. That’s is the feature that made me a fan of this software. I hope it works the same for you too.


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