How to Create Simple yet Secure Password

Password chart, is a very secure way, for creating passwords. Picking and remembering strong passwords has always been a baffling job. Password Chart is an awesome service, through which you can create very strong passwords for e-mail, messenger, or any other login.As soon as you connect to Password Chart , you get to see a web page as shown here.

Password Chart


Now you are ready to create a very strong password for you.

Entering a Phrase

The first text box shown on web page, is that of entering a phrase, you can choose some punch line or a quote from your favorite celebrity as a phrase. As soon as you enter some phrase you get a chart on right side of the page, as shown here.

Any phase you enter has a different chart for it, algorithms are used for generation of chart.

Using Password Chart with a Phrase


Entering a Password

The second text box is for entering the password, choose any simple word or combination of word or letters as your password, and enter it.

Here you get two chart options as well, Include numbers and Include punctuation, they allow you to have numbers or some special characters ( ^, _, + etc.) in your final password.

Creating Strong Password with Phrases


Here you are ready with your new password.

Yet it’s certainly a cumbersome job, as the password is quite complex to be remembered, so you need to recover this password every time, you want to login into your account, but safety being the key concern in today’s world, I think you can go for it.

Additional Tip: You can keep the password is some text file or written somewhere. In case you forget you will need to add phrase and password you entered here to recover.

Password Chart

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