How to create Sony Ericsson themes ?

Phone Themes are one of the most exciting things through which you can change the look and feel and enjoy your phone. In this article, we will discuss on How to create personalized Sony Ericsson themes.

If you are using a Sony Ericsson phone and ever wanted to design a theme with your choice of images and styles, here is a simple tutorial to create SE themes. We will be covering right from the requirement to a selection of images and preview to the final installation of the theme, which is safe.

Requirements for creating Sony Ericsson Theme

  • Sony Ericsson Theme Creator is freeware and can be downloaded from the SE developer website. – Download Sony Ericsson Theme Creator Software.  ( Now Supports XPERIA X2 )
  • A good graphics design software, preferably Photoshop, which you will need in case you want to modify your images a little bit. (If you have the images ready with you, no need to have photoshop.)

How to create a theme using the software?

Once you download and install the software, run the theme creator. Now since you have installed, it let’s get started.

Select Your Phone Model:

The first step is to select the phone for which you will develop the theme as the screen size varies for a different phone. This can be done by selecting the model number listed on the top right dropdown.

Sony Ericsson Select Phone Model

Once you have selected the phone, You will get a layout according to the phone. For example, when I selected the Sony Ericsson X2 Profile, I had an option to choose the background for Landscape and Portrait Mode both. This changes according to the phone selected.

Sony Ericsson Theme Creator Background and Style

For K750, the profile was completely different.

Sony Ericsson Theme Creator K750 Model

Sony ericsson theme creator

Create Images for Menu:

We need to create images and colors for each menu of the phone. In the left-hand portion, you can see the menu you have selected. The different items for the particular screen are listed, like standby image, softkey image, etc.

You have the option to choose images or can have colors alone. Each of these menus has the colors listed. Most of the SE phones support 2,62,144 colors, so you have various colors to chose from.

Sony ericsson theme designer

Most of the phones support JPEG, PNG, and GIF images. You can add animated images to few menus like standby, highlight, etc. JPEG is the best format to create themes and make sure that the size of images is not too large as this will lead to more memory consumption for the theme in the phone.

Another important thing to note here is the aspect ratio of images. Ensure that the image aspect ratio is perfect; otherwise, it will lead to scaling of images. Also, make sure that the colors and images selected to blend well in the background.

Recheck Images and Colours:

The next thing is to make sure you have added images and colors to all the menu items in the theme. Check all the menus on the top of the theme creator. At the extreme right corner, there is a check box called Show Images. Ensure that it is checked so that you will be able to view the images added to the theme.

Preview and Save your theme:

Good work, Now since you have created the theme for the entire menu, click the preview tool to see all the menus with and without images. Here you get a good idea about the theme and if it requires any color or image changes.

Sony Ericsson Theme Preview

You can also add a ring tone to the theme with the Ring Signal menu. Finally, when you are done with the theme, add your details in the author section of the menu and save the theme as a .thm extension—file ->Save. You are now ready with the theme. You can transfer to the phone and check out the looks of the theme.

Congrats!!!! You just learned how to create a Sony Ericsson Theme in simple steps. Now you can go ahead and experiment more with it and create your own unique design to make your friends a little jealous. Haha, Just kidding, but it will be fun.

This post was contributed by Nirmal, who blogs about Technology and Internet at Life Rocks 2.0. Do visit his site for more tutorials and technical articles. If you have any questions feel free to ask him. I hope you enjoyed the article.


  1. This is very useful. I had been waiting and searching for something as useful as this for my phone. This way I won’t have to download themes for my phone. 🙂

  2. This has helped me so much since i find it hard to look for really well made themes. however, i cant find the pictures that exactly fit the required size. i tried using bigger ones but they dont look good anymore once on my phone. why, do you think that is? where can i find pics? Thanks again.

  3. @ Katrina: remember to cut the images down to the right size – the guy here said specifically that the phone will stretch (or squish) the picture to fit. If that is what you are talking about, fix that, if not ask a more detailed question.

    @ Ivy: your phone should either have bluetooth or a usb cable. My computer doesn’t have bluetooth, so I insisted on getting a phone with a usb. If you don’t have either, you’ll have to use the internet to transfer files. If you don’t have a usb, save yourself some time and money and buy a bluetooth adaptor for your computer – unless it already has one. New computers are magical.

    If you have any more questions, Google the main words first (for instance, “transfer file to phone”) because that will teach you more than any comment system. Bonus – you don’t look stupid.

    @ Ashish: Thank you for posting this article. This has been really helpful.

  4. Heyy! (:
    Thanks Soo Much For This Tutorial! Its A Great Help!
    Thanks For The Link To The Software To! 😀
    I Cant Wait To Make My Own Themes Now!! ;D

  5. hi ,
    the link provided above is no more working.
    once u click the software for windows it gets directed to
    and then blank page …. 🙁

    Could you please let me where else or how can I get this software …. I would be greatful if somebody can upload it and provide the link

    Thanks in advance

  6. Yay! Thanks for your generous information! I’ll make one theme of my own and my friends will definitely jealous to me!!!

  7. is there a way for the icons in the menu to look different? the reason why i dont like to customize my theme is because i dont like the icons in the menu. xD

    i’d really appreciate any help in this matter. and thanks for making this tutorial.

  8. when i do it my walkman wording always is the same colour as the background. How to solve the problem? anyone…help?

  9. I really need some help! I have a Sony Ericsson W890i, and I made a theme with SOny Ericsson Theme Creator version 4.01 (?)
    anyway I made a theme, and everything is perfect, except the Walkman, I chose black as my basic color, and I want black… but the music text is black too (on the walkman player) and I can’t see what I’m listening too! Does somebody know why it is like this and how I can fix it? I want to change the text color to white, so that I can see what I’m listening to.
    I tried a several times but I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong!
    I made a theme before that, with pink color, and that one has absolutely no problem…

    please somebody help me, thank you

  10. I need help. I’ve created a theme in this program but when I
    click “Save” this message comes up: “This theme contains
    colors that are too similar. It can be saved, but the phone
    will not accept this theme as valid. Colors concerned:
    Background, desktop, Title text, text, title text.” How do I fix this?
    help me please!

  11. A little guide hopfully to help some site visitors having problems transfering themes after creation … 🙂

    Installation of Sony Ericsson themes and games in detail.

    How to install Sony Ericsson Themes:

    Install Sony Ericsson Themes via USB cable:

    1. Connect your Sony Ericsson phone with your computer / laptop via the USB cable
    2. Select file transfer
    3. Navigate to the themes folder
    4. Copy and paste the Sony Ericsson theme into the themes folder

    Install Sony Ericsson Themes via Bluetooth:

    1. First you have to activate Bluetooth on your Sony Ericsson phone and on your computer / laptop
    2. Connect your phone with your computer / laptop via Bluetooth
    3. Browse the content of your mobile phone with the folder view and navigat to the themes folder
    4. Copy and paste the Sony Ericsson theme into the themes folder
    Extra: You can also right click your theme and select ’send to Bluetooth’ to your Sony Ericsson
    5. Apply the new theme in your theme folder on your mobile phone

    How to install Sony Ericsson Games:

    Install Sony Ericsson Games via USB cable:

    1. Connect your Sony Ericsson phone with your computer / laptop via the USB cable
    2. Select file transfer
    3. Double click your phone memory icon
    4. Simply copy the game file to the phone memory

    Install Sony Ericsson Games via Bluetooth:

    1. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and on your computer / laptop
    2. Connect your phone with your computer / laptop via Bluetooth
    3. Double click your phone memory icon
    4. Copy and paste the Sony Ericsson game to your phone memory

    Your phone memory is called the phones root memory. Any games copied to the root memory are automatically installed by the phone.

  12. Bonjour !
    Je possede le T303 noir .
    ” J’utilise Sony ericsson themes creator ” , mais le problème est que quand je veut activer le theme dans mon telephone il me marque ” theme endomagé. Impossible a activer ” ! Jaii bien fait attention lorsque j’ai crée mon theme de prendre le T303 dans la liste ! Comment faire pour que mon telephone puisse l’activer ?!
    Mercii d’avance 😉

  13. Pls Help… I created a theme for my mobile w205. But when I set it in my mobile, it says theme is corrupt. I created using theme creator v4.08.

  14. Anyone can tell me how do i create Animated Themes for Sony Ericsson K550i ? i put in GIF files in standby , went to preview … and the pic doesnt move ….. anyone can help me out … please ?

  15. Hi. Can you please help me? I can’t transfer the theme to my phone because of the software unavailability or something. Can you please teach me how to Download/install this software? I really like to view the theme in my phone. pleaaase. 🙂

  16. Hello! I use vivaz, i can’t click on upload to phone button to transfer the file i made to my phone. Could u please help me out ?

  17. i tried creating a theme using theme creator
    but when i transfered it to my pc and tried to install it said ” not enough memory” and the installation couldnt complete.when i checked system files i saw 56 MB of free ram and i’m using 1 GB memory card.
    plz help me solving this problem.
    thanks in advance

  18. i really need help with pictures because i dont know how to resize image i mean i use paint to sketch those pictures but it seems it doesnt work..can anyone help me with this problem?


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