How to quickly create tables in One Note

One note is an excellent application which allows you to write notes during meeting or any conversation save it as you write. There is no save button for it.  However If you want to create tables quickly its little pain as you need to access menu by default and so on.

However with this little trick you can quickly create tables with only one constrain that you should know the number of columns. Till now I was not able to find what do I need to do for increasing columns on run.

Here are the steps:

  • Type the column name and hit tab. This will turn the whole thing into table tab will create columns.
  • Keep hitting tab to create more columns. Hit enter once you are done and it will create another row.
  • That’s it keep hitting tab and enter and your table will be ready.

Here is small video on how to create table quickly in One Note

Here is the Direct Link to the Video : Video on One Note Trick


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