Resizer: Custom Resize windows quickly

Resizer is a free tool to download, which allows you to resize your window quickly and also to any custom predefined size. Many a time you need to quickly resize a webpage to check how it would look in that sized window. Resizer is a perfect tool for that. In this post, we will learn how to custom resize windows quickly with a right-click

Resizer: Custom Resize windows quickly

It is a portable application that can sit in the system tray and always be available. To quickly resize, move your mouse pointer to the edge of the open window until you see a double-headed arrow. Then right-click and select from the predefined settings.

resize windows quickly

When it comes to configuring it so you can add more sizes, the first thing you should do is keep it in a place where you will not delete it. Also, make sure to add it to the startup, so it is always available when you need it.

Done that, right-click on the software in the system tray, and click on Configure sizer. Here you can do the following:

Sizer Windows Configuration

  • Add more sizes
  • Change the sequences of the sizes.
  • Choose if the window should move to a certain position on the monitor, i.e., bottom-left, center, or left or anywhere else.
  • You can also add custom coordinates based on top and left.
  • Define snap size
  • Press and hold the Control key while resizing a window, Sizer will snap the window size to the nearest grid size.
  • Unchecking the option Show Size icon in the system tray can be used to prevent Sizer from showing its system tray icon.

Lastly, you can choose to show a tooltip when resizing Windows, Show Sizer icon in the system tray, and add sizer items to the system menu. You can also choose to resize system tray if you have too many items in that, and you don’t want them to be hidden.

The application works on 64-bit Windows, and you can download it from here.


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