How to customize Fedora based installation and live media

Revisor, a GUI-based tool allows you to create customized, installable Linux Distro on the fly. This tool not only gives you the freedom to choose the required packages available during the installation and/or installed on the live media, to fully customize the desktop environment for the live media but makes installation easy when you have to deploy it over a couple of machines in IT sector.

Revisor allows you to automate the installation process with a specific set of packages through its elaborate and excellent categorized package listing during the process of creating the installable media. You can search for the packages and include or exclude them depending on your need. The tool does not come with Fedora 7 DVD but you can do it using yum. Once the Fedora 7 installable media is ready burn the ISO image to a DVD or CD as per your selection.

Resources for Revisor:


  1. we have been trying for some time creation of fedora live cd and installer cd/dvd though revisor is an application which can accomplish this job. but we feel more comfortable with pungi for creation of distros and live cd tools for livecd/dvd may be other feel revisor better but we have it up. any way nothing is bad if it helps open source mission


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