How to disable Facebook Album Theater View / Slideshow

Facebook recently introduced Theater View for Photo Albums which lets user visualize photos in form of  slideshow and removes all  distractions on the page and let user enjoy the pictures only. Many of use like it and many of us feel this is unnecessary. So for all who fall in second part just hit CTRL + F5 i.e. Refresh your browser after the theater mode starts. Below is 18 second video : ( YouTube Link )which helps you get back the Old Facebook Album back.

Update : Manav is keeping a list of all the extensions for all the browser at this post. Bookmark it.

I discovered this accidentally and when tweeted about it got more responses from friends on how to disable this theater view :

  • Bipul said : Simply right clicking and opening in new tab does not fire the slideshow view! Will wait to hear what you found!
  • Shobnakr Said : Check out my chrome extensions for this : 🙂
  • RajuPP  has a complete post which includes all the methods
  • Gaurav said : You just have to remove ‘&theatre’ from the URL, innit?

Question over to you, Do you link this Theater Preview


  1. Great to see other people are getting affected by the uber cool changes in Facebook along with me! I have been so unhappy with the new way to browse images/pictures in Facebook that I have almost stopped logging into it now. I do open the whole thing in a different tab but after say about 10-15 images, my browser goes back to the slideshow view. Don’t know how. Hope some other way out works!


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