How to Disable / Hide Facebook Questions

Facebook clearly says that there is no way to turn off the Question Feature but if you see your Facebook updates full of questions there are ways you can control them to make your timeline clean and set your email notifications to zero follow some simple steps.

Hide Facebook Questions :

As of now, there is a chrome extensions which smartly removes all questions that are posted on your Facebook Profile. Remember it doesn’t disable but only make it invisible.

Remove Facebook Questions

Download it from here. Let us know if there is a Firefox and IE extension for this.

Disable Notifications about Question Asked.

Facebook provides settings which you can change to stop receiving email notifications when somebody asks you a question, if you are mentioned in a question or if you are following.  It’s available in Account Settings > Notifications.

Facebook Question Answer Settings

Remove Facebook Question from sidebar :

Questions Notifications are available on the left sidebar. You can hover and click on cross icon to complete remove it from there. This makes sure you dont see even the count.

Remove Facebook Question from Profile

Removing yourself from a Question :

  • You can simply unfollow if you followed a question before.
  • Remove your vote by clicking on the unvote link. You will need to open the question.
  • If you have left a comment on a Facebook question, you can delete it anytime using the cross icon which shows up on your post on mouse hover.

Unvoting from Facebook Questions

I really wish, Facebook comes with an option to turn off Question feature or at least gives an option for people to opt out. What do you think ?


  1. FYI: Questions app is not available on my Facebook because I use https connection. I was given the option to switch to http if I wanted to use it.

  2. hi ashish, great article, really comprehensive, thanks! 🙂

    btw i just found out a nice solution to hiding facebook questions from your newsfeed. The solution is a browser addon called “FB Purity” just install the addon, which gives you lots of options for hiding stuff you dont want to see on Facebook, then enter the following text “ask friend” into the Custom Text Filter, on the add-on’ options screen. That will hide all FB questions and their corresponding answers from your feed 🙂

    You can get FB Purity here:

  3. The site already has enough credibility on its own, check out the reviews in The Washington Post, CNET, Lifehacker etc for instance.

  4. James: Thanks for the link! I will be trying it out shortly!

    I usually just hide things that annoy me on Facebook, but sounds like Purity is worth checking out.


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