How to disable the Priority Inbox feature in Gmail

Gmail recently launched the Priority Inbox feature; the feature seems to be nice enough, though in my opinion, choosing the Multiple Inboxes feature accompanied with the filters can work better for you. On the other hand, I came across several posts and found people loving this new feature. By now this feature is available to almost all the Gmail users, enabling it is simple, you just have to click on the option on the top-right of your Gmail, but you don’t get to see the button to disable it. If you are from the group of people who want to disable this feature, this post talk about the same, read on.

Click on the green flask ‘Labs’ icon on the top-right corner of your Gmail account page, later, click on the ‘Priority Inbox’ tab.

How to disable Priority Inbox in Gmail

Now, under this Priority Inbox tab, you can jump directly to the last option, which reads ‘Show Priority Inbox’, here use the radio button adjacent to the ‘Do not show Priority Inbox’, as shown in the snapshot above, and later click on the ‘Save Changes’ button, and now you are out of this.

On the same page, i.e. under the ‘Priority Inbox’ tab, you get couple of options to customize this feature for you, I think a better option is to use the very first ‘Default Inbox’ option, here using the dropdown menu you can choose the first option from the dropdown menu, which allows you to get the last inbox you used, i.e. either the normal Inbox or the Priority Inbox. This can help you to stay away from Priority Inbox without fully disabling this feature.


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