How to display Indian Rupee symbol on Websites

After recent update my Microsoft on Indian Rupee Symbol to be displayed in documents, next step is to use it on Websites. I am sure many Indian Websites or Online shops want to have this on their products price tag and sales page. Below are couple of options :

#1 Use the HTML code &#x20b9 to display the Indian Rupee Symbol.  However this is limited to users who have the recent windows update released by Microsoft.

Indian Rupee Symbol Without any CSS

#2 This trick came from Parashuram. It explains how you can use a CSS to generate Rupee Symbol.  Download Rupee Symbol on Webpages and copy the css and use it on your website. It will even work with system where there is no update made related to Indian Rupee Symbol.

Display Rupee Symbol on Webpages

Thanks Manav for pointing to this.


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