How to do a System restore in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Starting with Windows Vista there is a big leap in doing a system restore or recovery. Windows 7 also has the same options. In case your system is not displaying any GUI or there is crash more often , just follow these

  • Press F8 when your computer starts.
  • Choose System Recovery which should be the first option
  • You will be prompted for user name password which should be an administrator account.
  • Next you will get 5 ways of making  a restore : Startup repair, System Restore, Windows complete pc restore, Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and Command prompt
System Recovery tools in Windows Vista and Windows 7

System Recovery tools in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Out of the 5 options,

  • Windows Complete PC restore is used when you have backup of your pc or at least of the drive where you had installed windows.
  • Command prompt recovery mode is only for advanced users
  • Memory Diagnostic tool is only used when windows gives notification to you and asks you to run it. Else it is not required to run it.
  • Startup Repair is used to fix programs which prevent windows from starting.
  • And System Restore will take your Windows machine back to a point where it was working good. Below I have explained how to use System Restore in details.

Second Procedure : ( Only System restore )

If your Windows Machine boots up normally and you can reach your Windows Desktop, follow the steps below to restore your computer.

  • Type System Restore in Windows Start Menu or go to Control Panel > Action Center > Restore your computer to an earlier time
  • Click to launch.
  • The System restore windows will display list of restore points which was already created by the computer itself or if you have done it before.
  • Select a restore point which suits best. In case your system stopped working because of software installation choose restore point just close to it.

System Restore Point

  • If you want to find more hidden restore point, check on the option which says show me more restore points.
  • And use the Scan for affected programs to find how many of your existing programs might get impacted because of this system restore. This is useful if you want to save back those data and files.
  • Select the restore point and follow the wizard. Once restore is complete your system will be rebooted and hopefully your computer will be in working condition.