Bypass Proxy and Download blocked files at Work

In case your office network has blocked some of the types of file extensions like .zip or .exe , it becomes very irritating as even to test small things you can not download it. This is what is happening with me as I am behind a proxy and all those file extensions are blocked. But now i got a solution for his. Download at Work (Website Removed) is an online tool which allows you to download any type of file.

This is what it does.

  • Takes the URL of the file which you want to download.
  • Asks you to select the extension in which format you want to download in to your machine.
  • Also gives you a .aaa extensions which should not be blocked ( unless they get to know it).

Here is a snpshot of it

After you download the file, just rename the extension of the original file. The only flaw here is in case your the administrator sees lot of files getting downloaded from the same url , they might block it forever. But till then…


  1. Hi VS07,

    This is not a absolute url to the file, this site has a kind of script to make you download, not the real url.

    People do by this way sometimes to have a control of the downloads and to protect their file directories… So, sorry, but my application will not help you…


  2. what is the size limitation of the file,

    is itpossible that the size be split to manageable sizes of 25MB or so, so that i can redownload as parts, some places have size restrictions


  3. sir,
    i have problems finding the absolute URL of sertain files cn u guide me about how to find the absolute URL its urgent plz help

  4. Finding the absolute url is not always possible, the first you have to try is to find the link where you click to download, if its a button, probally you have a javascript function to do that, may you can find the url inside the function…

  5. Plz help me with the size of the files with download at work since the files I want to download are beyond 50mb limit

  6. OMG!!!
    check this site:

    here you can download files of any size (even GB’s)
    and change its file extension
    and download to your pc with high speed, resume support, multiple files at once

    to VS07,
    with this site you can also download files like the link you gave, that is from all the popular file hosting services.

  7. Hi To All,

    1st all thanks to all for sharing their knwd…

    i m getting some different problem d 1st one is first of all my server not allow me to visit most of d sites like youtube n rapidshare hotfile etc… and i m also unable to download mp3 files…

    as well it also not allow me to download file more that 30 mb…

    please helpppp………..

  8. There is a similar but better website at:

    It can not only rename the file you download but can optionally encode it so it bypasses proxies better.
    It also allows unlimited download size.


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