How to earn from sidebar in Blogs Logically

Putting advertsiement on sidebar had always been in discussion as experience bloggers say that they have a high CPM but less earning. I agree with them.But still you don’t want to mess with your codes and put “vertical-ads” in your post. So how to align them in such a way that they mix with the content well.

Why Sidebar Codes doesn’t give you money ?

  • They don’t get mixed with your content, they still look different, like a separate part.
  • You have already so many things on sidebar that readers would leave it thinking of another set of links.
  • Sometimes they don’t generate properly ads according to the content.

Overview :

Instead of putting vertical banner ads on the sidebar, align you post to left or right when called directly such that it can accommodate a vertical banner. Which means get you vertical banner served up with ads on the post itself not on sidebar.

For example check my blog, When you come to home page you don’t see any Google ads. But when you click on my post url, you will see that my content is shifted to left and there is some space created where a vertical banner can be accommodate. Thus a vertical banner serves much better within the post itself rather than putting on sidebar.

Blog Advertisement with Sidebar


  • The major benefits goes to the users who want 3 column but they hate it sometimes, because it becomes too messy. I had been always looking for this kind of magical sidebar.
  • You home page is free from ads.Like if you see mine, if somebody lands on my home page wont feel like “Man did i land on Google Adsense junkyard”. He will be happy to see less ads.
  • Not only a vertical banner but, you can have other things included like related post and others.You can use your creativity there.
  • The best part is the vertical banner fits with your content so well that it generates right ads according to your content.

This technique will be good for themes which are 2 column, for three columns you can use it but make sure you don’t make your posts messy, but again You are more creative.

So how do I make it work ? ( Read Slow its little bit of programming)

  • Don’t put your ad code on sidebar!
  • Main aim is to make your vertical banner ad, which you put in sidebar , mixed with content.
  • Now in WordPress , there are 2 ways how your post get loaded.
  • The loop function which loads the specified no of posts when your front page is loaded.
  • The single.php file which is called when a particular file is loaded.
  • Ok Now suppose you have 600 px given for the post , where your content comes,not including the sidebar space.This size is defined generally in a class in you style sheet. Generally this same class is used for both in loop.php and single.php files.Hence when you see either home page or single post they have same width.
  • Now what we can do is make 2 classes.One which you can use in loop.php (say #loop) and other in single.php (say class name is #single).
  • Now the click is if you can set the value of width for post content in #single like 450.Thus you post get aligned in 450 width.
  • Now you have still 150 left which you can use to make a magical sidebar.
  • Then you can use is_single function to include the vertical bar appear right beside your post.Make sure you have right color choice to mix it with your content and you make a class (say #sidebar which has a width of 150).
  • Now since your vertical bar is under is_single function it will not appear when you are looking all the post in archive or home page.
  • Wallah your magical sidebar is created. Now it works same as your big square Adsense box and you should earn same.

Caution :

  • If you have a big square box ( which I have seen in most blogs) which comes right under the post title, make sure you generate the vertical banner or skyscraper little below .(Look at mine for example). Don’t place all your Adsense code at one place.Give them some content!
  • Since I had been using K2 theme based, so it might be possible you will not be able to see those single.php and loop.php.But if you get the idea.

Thats another set of tip on blogs from my side.I say it rather tips generated by ideas not experience.

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